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What Is The Best Spying App For WhatsApp?

Hacking WhatsApp may look like a dream come true for many, especially in terms of curiosity. However, this is not a good reason to even attempt it. There are, however, a few good justifications for such an action. Other than that, you need to know which software is the best. After all, the market is quite diversified. So, what do you need to know?

Hacking WhatsApp to Keep an Eye on Your Children

Did you just buy your kid their first smartphone? You probably know what kind of dangers can target your little one while online. You do not want any online predators or scammers around your child, hence the necessity to keep an eye on their online activities. Installing such an application will let you know what they do online, who they do it with, how often and where.

Hacking WhatsApp to Monitor Your Employees

Thinking to buy your employees some work phones for an easy communication? Great! How do you know they will not waste half a day playing games, going on social networks or chatting with their friends on WhatsApp? Installing a spying software upfront will clear all your doubts. Sometimes, it might be worth telling them that their phones are monitored, so they do not even think about it.

Finding the Best Features in a Spying App to Hack WhatsApp

Spying apps come with a series of features. Some of them stand out in the crowd, how to spy on whatsapp messages without target phone? So, choose the app that provides at least the following features.

WhatsApp and Other Messages

WhatsApp messages are extremely popular now because you can also send videos, voice messages and pictures. A good app will monitor and record such messages, as well as other instant messengers and even the classic messaging software.

Real Time GPS Location

Knowing where someone is at all times is a must. You want to know where your kids are. Are they having a sleepover? If you have teenagers, chances are they will attempt some lies every once in a while. Everyone has done it; just keep an eye on them for safety.

Social Media Interactions

Social media interactions will target every social network out there, as well as the associated applications. Find out if your little ones keep it safe or if your employees waste their time when they are supposed to work.

Call Logs and Contacts

Call logs represent a valuable source of information. Some applications record the associated conversations as well, so you can listen to the actual recordings ā€“ not all of them though. Some others will only give you the call logs and contacts.

Take a look through the pictures taken at the party your teenage child attended. Find out more about their lifestyle and keep their environment safe.

On another note, blocking features allow you to block contacts, calls from certain numbers, websites or applications.


Bottom line, you will find a series of handy applications to hack WhatsApp. The good news is you will most likely be able to do a lot more. Just take your time to find the best one for your needs, but also choose a reputable app.