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The Best WhatsApp hacking App for Android 2019

The best WhatsApp hacking app for Android

In the cutthroat competition prevailing today, there is a number of software which may alter your mind while you are searching out for a right mobile phone monitoring application.

However, best is the one that proves its specialty every time. Running in the stealth mode, such software allows easy call and text monitoring along with letting you listen to the ambiance noises through the inbuilt microphone of the mobile.

Containing more than 25 features, and specially built to monitor social media apps like hack WhatsApp messages, they help you in exploring out all the hidden details stored on a mobile phone. But again, you may get carried away with the same features possessed by various software and can feel confused.

Features that define which is the best WhatsApp hacking app?

  • Text, SMS and multimedia recording

undoubtedly, these are the basic requirements an application has to fulfill. You will get to read all the text messages, (whether online or offline), listen to audio messages and get their recordings along with getting the access to all images, video and other multimedia files.

  • Tracking of location

this actually makes sense! Knowing someone’s real-time location changes is really important to relate their actions to their virtual life. You can easily locate their movements through GPS tracker along with checking out their presence on the backdrop of a map.

  • Applications management and data usage

as soon as any new application gets installed on the mobile phone, you will start getting alerts containing the overall details such as time, location, date, and version of the application installed. You can even manage their data usage and browsing history details.

  • Live call intercept- listen to live phone calls when they are made.

Such software detects all inbound and outbound calls, and you can listen to the whole conversation happening in real time without even touching their phone.

  • Ambient listening

this feature allows you to make fake calls on their device and listen to their surround sound directly. This helps you in exploring out that whom they are talking with and what kind of environment are they present in.

  • Update and upgrade the app remotely

got a new version of your app? You don’t even need to think of it as you can easily make alterations in the application without touching their device. Stay up to date with all the latest features by remotely making all the modifications.

  • Keylogger-

one amazing feature, it helps you in detecting all the passwords which are typed on their phone. The software instantly lets you get the access to all patterns or numeric locks so that you can easily use their accounts from anywhere in the world.

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Thus, such applications not just keep a track on WhatsApp, but also bring in the following features. So when you are looking up for which is the best ways to hack whatsapp messages without access to phone, go through these features of that specific app. More the features, characteristics and assistance, better will be the benefits of secure and reliable tracking.