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How to Hack Someones WhatsApp Without Touching Their Phone?

Hack Someone WhatsApp Without Touching Their Phone ?

Interested in how to hack someones WhatsApp? Ideally, you want to do it without touching the target’s phone. Is it possible? Yes and no.

No because most tricks you can find online imply having the target’s phone.

Yes because you can do it in real time while being miles away. But before doing it, you will still require physical access to the target’s phone.

There are several important reasons to hack WhatsApp, apart from pure curiosity.

  • First, you want your children to be safe. They are innocent and likely to believe everything, so you have to keep an eye on whatever they do online.

Whether they are approached by strangers or they get involved into sketchy activities, you need to be aware of all these.

  • Second, business owners often keep an eye on their employees’ work phones to ensure they are used for the right reasons.

You do not want your workers to spend a few hours a day chatting to their friends over WhatsApp, do you

How to Hack Someones WhatsApp with Third Party Applications

Once installed on the target’s phone, spy applications no longer require physical access. But to perform the installation, you will need that device for a few minutes.

Whether you want to keep an eye on your kid or your workers, it can be done pretty easily. Ideally, you should install the secret spying applications before you hand over the device.

Once on, the app will record more than just WhatsApp messages – location, call logs, social media activities, browsing histories and so on.

There are more such programs and most of them share similar features. Obviously, a few of them dominate the market with their reliability. It is also worth noting that they are almost impossible to detect.

The best WhatsApp hacking app

In the cutthroat competition prevailing today, there is a number of software which may alter your mind while you are searching out for a right mobile phone monitoring application.

Introduction NEXSPY.

Running in the stealth mode, such software allows easy call and text monitoring along with letting you listen to the ambiance noises through the inbuilt microphone of the mobile.

Containing more than 25 features, and specially built to monitor social media apps like hack WhatsApp messages, they help you in exploring out all the hidden details stored on a mobile phone. But again, you may get carried away with the same features possessed by various software and can feel confused.

Features Of NEXSPY

  • Text, SMS and multimedia recording
  • Tracking of location
  • Applications management and data usage
  • Live call intercept- listen to live phone calls when they are made.
  • Ambient listening
  • Update and upgrade the app remotely
  • Keylogger-
  • and more….

Thus, NEXSPY not just keep a track on WhatsApp, but also bring in the following features. So when you are looking up for which is the best ways to hack someones WhatsApp, NEXSPY is the best choose.

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How to know if my WhatsApp account has been hacked?

Whatsapp is one such application which carries sensitive information like phone numbers, pictures, videos, messages, but it is encrypted, still, there is a question in the mind of people can it be hacked?

Actually, it can be hacked by the use of special apps and access gained into your phone.

This can be easily done if by mistake you install an unscrupulous application. If your concern has been raised after reading this then no worries, these apps have some signs to detect.

The sign to know if WhatsApp account has been hacked

  • Battery drain

You will experience fast draining of battery if any such apps are in your mobile. If you have to meet your mobile charger frequently even if you don’t use your mobile much, then there may be some unscrupulous apps resting on your phone. These apps harness the location facility of your mobile to track you and they gained this information through the use of your wifi service and that’s why more power is needed.

  • Abnormal functioning

If your mobile behaves abnormally, for example, it takes a frequent screenshot without pressing the desired key, switched off frequently, random making noise etc. are the signs of abnormal behavior. Here you have to factory reset your mobile to start enjoying it.

  • More data consumption

As already explained in the point number first that hacker track your location and gained access to your device by the use of mobile internet, that’s why data consumption increases. You can check this by monitoring your data usage, this can help you to save your phone. There is inbuilt data manager n every device, you that feature to determine this.

  • Background noise during a call

If you experience any noise during your call, then it may be the case of gaining access to your voice call.

How To Protect My WhatsApp Messages From Hacking?

In fact, it threatens to take over the traditional messaging service coming with smartphones too. So, how do you protect your WhatsApp messages from hacking?

  • Keeping WhatsApp Locked

Keeping WhatsApp locked is a must, as its security is definitely far from being the best. Unfortunately, the application does not have this feature yet.

Fortunately, you can use third party applications to lock certain programs. From this point of view, you can also block WhatsApp.

Whether you lose your phone, leave it at work or hand it over to someone with bad intentions, having WhatsApp locked will prevent a series of issues.

  • Logging Out of WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp has implemented a web version, so you can now chat using your laptop or desktop.

In order to take advantage of this new feature, users often overlook the safety and security. Most newbies make the mistake of leaving WhatsApp Web open even when they are not using it.

  • The Two Factor Authentication

The two factor authentication does not have too much to do with the actual authentication. In fact, it is a verification.

What does it do? Simple!

You set a PIN code, as well as an email address. If someone tries to take your account over by having access to your phone for a few seconds, they will need the PIN code. Simply put, no one can do anything without it.

To enable this feature, go to the settings menu, choose the account settings and you will find the two step verification there.


As a short final conclusion, how to hack whatsapp,  it is almost impossible to to read someones Whatsapp messages without them knowing.

Even if you use such software, you will still need initial access for the installation. Sure, once installed, apps will give you everything you need without touching the phone.​

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