How to Know if My Whatsapp Is Hacked?


Have you ever wondered if your WhatsApp account is secure and safe to use? Well, you aren’t the only one. Though WhatsApp’s known to be completely encrypted, that doesn’t mean it not hackable.

It’s one of the most well known messaging application used by both iOS and Android users. Many users are not sure if this service will ensure protection from getting spied or not.

Various types of messages, including personal details, are usually transferred via WhatsApp. This enhances the need for a secure WhatsApp account.

Can someone hack my WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is similar to other social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and so on. These services are all vulnerable to a certain extent. It’s easy to figure out when apps like Facebook or Instagram are usually hacked.

However, it’s quite tricky to notice any hampering on WhatsApp. Most of the users are unaware that their account has encountered some sort of tampering. This is because the scammers use various methods to hack, such as using known contacts or fake names.

Figuring out the vulnerability of WhatsApp soon will help you protect yourself. You need not stress or worry about this issue. The company is trying its best to protect the privacy of the account users.


They have installed tight security measures to block the hackers from attacking the accounts easily. Layers of coding discourage hackers from attacking time-consuming platforms.

The users need to pay more attention to avoid the risk of their accounts getting hacked. Most of the WhatsApp hacks take place when the scammers have access to your PC or smartphones. 

Don’t worry! There are various ways to find out if any attacker has meddled with your account. Through this post, we will help you understand this problem and offer steps to fix it yourself.

How to know your whatsapp account has been hacked?

Are you thinking – can WhatsApp be hacked? Here are some tips that will help you figure out if your WhatsApp is hacked or not. However, these are not the final indications to solve the problem. You can always take your gadget to a tech expert to fix the issue.

Increased battery consumption

The normal consumption time of a smartphone battery is 4 – 6 hours while using and 24 hours on standby. Do you notice your device battery getting drained sooner than the mentioned timeframe? If so, they are a greater chance of malware being present on your gadget.

Sudden increase in temperature

Have you experienced your tablet or smartphone heating up in an abnormal manner? This is a sign that an unknown background application is running on your device. It is an old trick that is commonly used by scammers. This takes place when malware programs are present on your gadget.

Various methods of how hackers attack WhatsApp accounts

Let’s have a look at some of how hackers tamper with the accounts of users.

Accessing the back-up files

This method will work well even after the user has logged out from their account. Has it been long since you’ve updated your ‎WhatsApp account? If so, you are an easy target for the scammers out there.

This technique is normally used when a hacker wants to get a specific detail from your account. Hackers who wish to replicate or delete your backup files also use this method.


Scammers use auto-backup programs to get files on the plain text that can be then sent as mail to any email account. These programs keep running in the background even when you use your device.

These apps are mostly hidden and function on a scheduled basis. What if the hacker is someone close to you? In that case, they can easily install and uninstall the program without you knowing.

Using WhatsApp Web

An independent WhatsApp connection is safe and secure. However, users link their accounts from there gadgets to the web version on PCs. This version is highly vulnerable to attacks by scammers. For using the web version, you need to scan a QR code. It’s easy to scan the code even at a distance using any smartphone device.

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The hacker can also access your account through various smartphones using this app. For this, they just have to scan the code from your main WhatsApp account. To avoid this, log off properly and sign in to your account again.

Using third-party malware

Many developers have come up with programs to access your WhatsApp account. Most of them are spyware apps that can infect your smart gadgets. However, some programs do offer great spying techniques or act as keyloggers. These are usually used to tamper with the accounts of the users.

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Using WhatsApp Sniffer to obtain the Wi-Fi signal

This method is mainly used when your device connects to available Wi-Fi networks. All smart devices use a MAC address to connect to the Wi-Fi network signal. Have you connected your smartphone to a public Wi-Fi network? If so, there is a greater chance that someone can access your account using the WhatsApp Sniffer. 

Fixing your hacked account on WhatsApp

Now arises the question – what to do if my WhatsApp account is hacked? Here are some tips on how to handle this issue.

Shut down all applications

Scammers use hidden programs to obtain a backup copy of all the chats in your account. These are then converted to plain text files to sent to various email accounts. This instructive method allows the hacker to read all your chats without any editing.


By installing an App Locker program on your device, you can avoid such apps from running in the background. This app shuts down all applications on your gadget for security reasons. If a hacker wants to copy a backup file from your account, he will have to unlock your phone manually.

Log out from the WhatsApp Web

Are you using WhatsApp Web on your computer? Then always remember to sign off from the web version of the WhatsApp account. This is to ensure that no one is spying on your WhatsApp messages.

Use 2-step verification for accessing your account

This method is the standard security settings for most apps these days. By enabling this sort of verification, you require a 6-digit pin code to access your account. This method will offer added security against any attempt to hack your account.

Follow the above guidelines and stay protected while using your WhatsApp account.