How to Secretly Track Someone’s iPhone Location


Even the most mundane things can turn out to be a nightmare. A visit to the park, then your kids get lost; you go hiking and one of your friends gets separated, or a journey to a new city and the person who is supposed to pick you up is late. Now scale that up a notch, and you can understand why it might be necessary to secretly track someone’s iPhone location.


The world is getting crazier with the increase in technology. There is more freedom and power to achieve things that were not possible before, like instant communication. It also makes the unsuspecting among us more susceptible to financial, emotional or even physical hazards. 

As a parent, guardian, or prudent employer, you have to take steps to protect who and what you love. One of the ways to get assurance that everything is going well is through real-time location tracking.

How to track iPhone location?

iPhones are the most popular mobile phone brand in the world. In the US alone, there are 100 million users, representing over 45% of the population. They happen to be one of the most secure phone brands and are almost impossible to hack and track discreetly. 

The only possible ways to track the location of an iPhone is through the use of its GPS locator using Apple’s Find My Friends app, or by using the most advanced spy apps.

Each of these methods has its strengths and weaknesses. This article will show you exactly how you can use each of them to effectively locate and track an iPhone or any other iOS device.

How to Use Find My Friends to Track the Location of an iPhone

Apple has consistently been at the forefront of technology. In 2012, it came up with the Find My Friends app, which is a location application software exclusive to iPhones. The app allows you to, with consent from the target phone, track its location in real-time and get tracked in return (optional).


The Find My Friends app is available for free download on the Apple app store. It is also present in the stock version of iOS 9 and above. To use it, you need to have the software installed in both of the iPhones that you will be using.

How Find My Friends Works

Every modern smartphone has a GPS locator inside. This tiny device can, with the help of satellites, be used to find the location of the phone anywhere in the world to an effective accuracy of just a few meters. 

However, location tracking app is an invasion of personal privacy. The app requires that the target phone gives consent for its GPS location information to be transmitted to your phone, which can then display it on a virtual map. This information is real-time, which means that you are updated whenever the person with the phone moves to another place. 

The Geofencing Apps even has a notifications feature. When the target phone arrives at or leaves a preset location, you will get notified of it so that you do not have to constantly keep your eye on the map.


There are numerous circumstances in which it would be advantageous to share your location with a friend. For instance, when you’re going to visit a friend in a different state, they can keep an eye on your movements. 

Another occasion for that would be when you’re going to a potentially dangerous place and you would like others to find you in case something goes wrong.

Needless to say, this feature can be exploited when you want to track a cell phone without them knowing. You would need to get hold of their iPhone for a few minutes to enable then hide the feature.

How to Set Up Find My Friends to Secretly Track an iPhone

These are the steps you need to follow to track a cell phone location for free using the app, without them knowing.

Get some time with their iPhone.

To set up the app on their phone, you need to have some time with the physical device. You might need at least 10 minutes if it is not already installed on the target phone.


Install the Find My Friends App and Enable Location Sharing

Find the app on the target phone or install it from the App Store if need be. Tap on their contact picture and opt to share their location from the settings pop up. You need to make sure that you’re sharing the location of ‘This Device’ in the settings, as there may be more than one device synced to the same iCloud account.

Share The Location To Your Phone

For the two phones to communicate, you need to activate AirDrop on your phone. To do this, swipe up from the bottom and enable it from the Control Center. Make yourself discoverable to everyone, or just to your contacts if you have already saved their number on your phone.

Go back to the target phone in the Find My Friends app. Tap on Add, and tap again on your contact picture when it appears. Select ‘Share Indefinitely’ so that you can have access to the target phone’s location for an unlimited period.

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On Your Phone, Accept the Share and Do Not Share Yours

AirDrop will bring you a pop-up notification on your phone. Click ‘Accept’ to complete the share. After a few seconds, another pop up will come asking you whether you also want to share your location; make sure you tap on ‘Don’t Share’.

Hide the App Icon and Set up Alerts If Need Be

You have now completed the process of sharing the target phone’s location with your iPhone. However, it would be prudent to hide the Find My Friends app icon if your friend had not previously installed it. 

To hide the icon, drag it to another screen which is already full of other apps. Create a folder with another app, then remove it from the folder and drop it. It will disappear from the screen until the next time the iPhone reboots. If your friend rarely lets their phone die, this is a good option.


You should know, however, that once the phone restarts then the ‘hidden’ app reappears on the home screen. It will be even more prominent this way, so you can just leave it in an obscure folder and hope it is never discovered.

Finally, on your phone, you can set up the notifications feature so that you can receive alerts whenever the target phone arrives at or leaves a certain location of your choice.

How to track the location of someone else’s iPhone

You can immediately pick out a few weaknesses in such a plan. For example, the user of the target phone might decide to use the app and discover that you were tracking him. He might uninstall the app inadvertently. Also, he might disable location sharing.

The best way to track a target iPhone without the knowledge of the user is by using spy apps. Not just any, but the most advanced among the spy apps help you to accurately track the location of the target phone and can hide so effectively that it is undiscoverable.


NEXSPY is the best, most advanced iPhone spy app which is also best suited to tracking iPhones.

Besides, NEXSPY doesn’t just track location. It is a full-featured spy app that helps you track phone calls, messages, social media chats and shares, photos, Web browsing history, keyloggers, among many others. In total, it has more than 50 features to give you unbridled access to the target phone.

How NEXSPY Works

NEXSPY is the spy app for all devices. This includes iOS and Android phones, Macbooks, and Windows computers. You can purchase a premium NEXSPY license for any of these versions through a subscription, after which you install the software in the target device. 

Once installed, you need to set up NEXSPY to give it the necessary administrator privileges, after which you can hide it completely in the target device. The software is very discreet and takes minimal resources (processor, memory, battery, etc) to avoid detection.

NEXSPY dashboard

When you subscribe to a NEXSPY license, you also get a dashboard where you can access the information collected from the target device. This information is sent to NEXSPY servers at least once a day, and upon request. Thus, you have full-time exclusive access to everything going on in the target device.

Why NEXSPY is The Best Phone Tracking App

NEXSPY is the best phone tracker app without permission available. Its range of features includes such advances as the ability to record ambient sound or take cameras at will, as well as to keep a record of every keystroke in the target device.

It also allows indefinite access to the target phone, so long as your premium NEXSPY account remains activated.

NEXSPY is the best location tracking and spying software that gives you stress-free monitoring options in a user-friendly way.

NEXSPY dashboard 1

Conclusion: How to track location on iPhone?

If you need to monitor somebody’s location using their iPhone without raising suspicion, you need to do it as a professional. While there are some other options such as using the Find My Friends App, these are not always effective or reliable.

Using the NEXSPY advanced spying app is the best way to secretly track someone through their iPhone or Android. Not only does it give your real-time location data, but it lets you spy on everything else being done with the phone. Just make sure that the phone you install it in is legally yours, or that you have consent to install it so that you can avoid legal complications.

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