Spyier Review 2021: is Spyier trustworthy?


The internet has revolutionized the world as we know it. It has become the hub around which the world runs. But with all these opportunities comes a new breed of danger far more subtle than any we’ve known so far. Stalkers, cons, cults, pedophiles and other unsavory characters have all taken advantage of this new age of connectivity.

As a tech-savvy adult, you might know how to take care of yourself in this dynamic age, but it is still hard to stay ahead of danger. Imagine how susceptible an innocent, unsuspecting child is when they venture into this wild west of technology. As a caring parent, you need to take steps to protect them. That is where Spyier comes in.


What is Spyier?

Spyier is a remote monitoring software for both Apple and Android devices used mostly for parental control. What this means is that you can monitor any device where you have it installed, no matter where it is, from your phone without the owner of the device knows.

You can track location, read message and call logs, track apps being used on the phone as well as web searches.

As a parent, this is crucial information that can help you play a ‘big brother’ role in your child’s life and help you forestall any danger they might unknowingly put themselves in.


How Spyier works?

Spyier is an app that you can install on any Android or iOS device. It hides in the target device and discreetly records phone activity like SMS messages, call logs, monitors apps being used, and even takes pictures and records sound.

So long as the target device has an internet connection, Spyier then sends this crucial information to you Spyier Control Panel. You can access this Control Panel either through the Spyier app on your phone or through the web dashboard using your browser.

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On the dashboard, the information is organized in such a way that you can get a log of recent activities. You can also use the panel to dig for more information, such as initiating audio recording of the surrounding areas or take video recordings.


Spyier features

Spyier is the most advanced parental control software in the world and offers a host of great features. They include the following:

Tracking of all apps used on the target phone

Spyier takes full administrative control of the target phone. This gives it the ability to monitor all apps. You can see what your kids are doing on those apps. If necessary, you can also restrict or completely block such apps if you find them inappropriate, time-wasting, or otherwise dangerous.

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Spyier keeps track of everything typed on the target phone, including web searches. You can get logs of all keys typed on Google Chrome and contacts.

Monitor WhatsApp

You will be able to get access to all messages, photos, videos and other information sent through WhatsApp. This way you can know who your kid is in contact with and stay ahead of things.

Location tracking

Spyier keeps up to date location information on where the target phone is. You can get a history of every place the target phone has been, as well as current location information when the phone is on and connected to the Internet.


Photo gallery information

Spyier is able to collect information on all photos, videos, and GIFs stored on your child’s gallery. This media can be accessed through the Spyier control panel.

Voice recordings

You can use Spyier to record audio of the surrounding environment, all without the owner of the phone knowing about it.

How can you use Spyier?

Using Spyier to keep track of any mobile phone is very easy. You just need to follow the following steps:

Visit the Spyier website and register for an account. There is a free trial version available but you can only access a handful of features with it. Alternatively, you can choose a subscription to make sure that you can access all the features that Spyier offers.


After creating the account, follow the instructions on the Spyier official website to download and install the app on the target phone. 

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When downloading the app you will need to provide the name and age of the owner of the target phone. 

Once the app is downloaded, you will need to set it up on the phone. You will need to input the settings and parameters and from there the app will start recording.

How to install Spyier on iPhone

You can easily install Spyier on any iPhone or iOS device. You don’t even need to get the phone itself. You can follow the following instructions to install Spyier on any iOS device.

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  • Register a premium account on the Spyier official website.
  • You will need the target device’s iCloud details, as well as two-factor authentication code.
  • Once you have the premium account set up, you don’t even have to install the software on the phone. Spyier has the most advanced software in the world that will help you track everything you need.
  • Enter the iCloud credentials on the Spyier dashboard with the two-factor authentication code, and let it do the rest.

How to install Spyier on Android

You can easily track and monitor a target Android device by using Spyier. You can get almost any type of information about the target phone that you wish. You can get call logs, messages, monitor WhatsApp, media information in the phone gallery and many others.

To install Spyier on Android is very easy. First, you will need to register an account on the official Spyier website. After that, Log in to your Spyier account and choose a subscription package. To unlock all the power of the Spyier app, you need a premium account.

You will need to get the Android device in which you want to install the Spyier app, Use it to log in to your Spyier account and download the app into the device, Before you are able to download the software, it will ask you to confirm the names and age of the person you want to monitor after which you can proceed.


Once you have downloaded the Spyier app on the Android device, you will need to set it up. There are several stages of settings and preferences that you need to choose, such as whether you want to hide the app, what data you want to collect, as well as provide administrative permission.

If you are tech-savvy, it is a very simple process that you can follow. There are also comprehensive instructions on the Spyier website that you can follow to successfully install Spyier on any Android device.

Can you use Spyier for free?

Yes. Spyier has a basic version which you can use to test Spyier’s effectiveness. You can get this basic version free of charge on the Spyier official website, and all you need to do is sign up for a Spyier account.

If you want to know what Spyier can do, there is also a demo account available that can demonstrate to you the features available from Spyier. This demo is also available on the Spyier official website, for which you will not have to pay even a single cent.


The basic version of the Spyier app will allow you to get some tracking capabilities on the target device, but the more advanced features are only available on the premium versions. After you have successfully installed the Spyier app on the device and confirmed that it is working, it is highly advisable to then upgrade to the premium package.

You can upgrade to a premium subscription of Spyier anytime you want, which will allow you to get access to its more powerful features. Your kid’s safety may depend on what you are able to get, which is why it is always better to get the premium version from the first.

However, when you choose to upgrade to a premium subscription, you will not have to install the app again. You just need to log in to the Spyier control panel using your mobile phone or through any computer browser and select an appropriate subscription plan.

Is Spyier detectable?

Like any good spying app, Spyier is able to hide itself on the target phone to avoid detection. When you first install it, it will give you a few options for settings where you can choose to hide the app icon, storage location among other features.

However, if you do want to check whether Spyier is installed on your phone, you can download an antivirus or anti-spying app which lets you know if any apps are running suspicious activities. This is because with Android, you must have the app installed on the target device and there is software that can detect it.

However, for someone who is not tech-savvy, this is very hard to do because Spyier operates in stealth mode and is very hard to detect.


Verdict: is Spyier trustworthy?

There are many software in the market that claim to deliver phone monitoring, but Spyier is the only one that actually delivers what you need to keep your kids safe. It has very advanced monitoring and tracking features both for iPhone and Android, because these two platforms are different, they are also priced differently.

Spyier delivers quality phone tracking and monitoring services for parental control. Some people say that it is expensive, but that is because Spyier is the best parental control software.

This is why it is not a one-off purchase like some of the scammers’ offer but a subscription service because you will love what it is able to deliver to keep your loved ones safe.

If you want to rest assured that those you care about are always safe and within your protective arms, then you need to start considering installing Spyier on the target devices and take control of your security.