SpyFone Review 2021: Is It a Blend of Good and Bad?


The manner with which we live today is comfortable due to technology. Communication is manageable globally, and the advantage is that you get an instant response from your recipient. In addition, entertainment has improved for both adults and children.

However, this brings a huddle as your child may be tempted to misuse the internet. Therefore, you need to use some parental control to monitor your child’s use of the internet and other gadgets. Furthermore, you will find it useful in an office situation to monitor your employees’ activities while online.


This is the reason why SpyFone software is designed to ensure that you monitor how your children and employees use the internet. There are plenty of features on this software that you will find useful. The following SpyFone review helps you see why you need SpyFone to manage how your child or employee makes use of the internet.

About the SpyFone app

Essentially, SpyFone is an app that helps you monitor other people’s activities. It is compatible with iOS and Android devices. To make this possible, sign up to the SpyFone app and begin monitoring your employee or child activities when using various devices.

How SpyFone works

This app works by monitoring any activities to linked devices and transferring all activities to your online account. When you sign up, you get the chance to connect the devices you need monitoring, and you will receive various activity from the devices directed to your phone.

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These activities include text messages, calls, and location, among other actions performed by your employees or children. The following is a  guideline on using the SpyFone app on your device.


Purchase a subscription

Step one involves buying a subscription package once you sign in to the SpyFone app.

There are two plans offered by the subscription for Android devices. In addition, you get one subscription for your iPhone monitoring purposes.

Furthermore, there is an Xpress plan that is offered when SpyFone is preinstalled in the mobile device you use.

There is global-wide shipping of the SpyFone device, and buying this device means that the app is preinstalled. Once you get your SpyFone device, you can install it instantly.

By opting to use the Xtreme or Premium plan, you are required to install SpyFone as the plans are preinstalled. Upon installation, you get two days free to use and test the SpyFone app.


Get the app

When you register for an account with SpyFone, you get an email that provides an activation link.

Click on the link and install the SpyFone app to the device you need to get information from.

Log in and get access to installation guidelines. Download and install the app to your device, and you are ready to begin use.

View activities

Log in to your account and select the activities bar to view the actions of those you wish to check on. You can check social media, location, calls, and other activities and control someone else device.

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If it is your child, find out if they are using their devices to view material, they should not be viewed online. Use it to find your child’s location for safety purposes.


If it is your employee, you can check on them to find out if they are wasting time while on the job to perform personal tasks. Do this by checking on their location or checking their devices when they are in their workstation. This can be beneficial as a workforce tool to monitor the employees’ work schedules.

Features you get when you use SpyFone

Based on the subscription plan you purchase, you get different functions from this app. This SpyFone review gives you the features to expect from the SpyFone app once you have installed it to your preferred device.

Premium features

You can view the following activities of your child or employee whose device you choose to check activities.

  • Instagram
  • WhatsApp
  •  Facebook
  • Tinder
  • Call history
  • SMS messages
  • Live location
  • Web history
  • Geofencing
  • Blocking SMS and calls

The package helps you view all these activities of the person you spy on. This provides accountability on their part once you show them the evidence or give you peace of mind if you only need to check on them.


Xtreme Features

  • Includes all the feature in the premium package
  • Live viewing video
  • Live remote control
  • Live screen viewing
  • Screen capturing
  • Surroundings listening
  • Call recording
  • Keylogger to help you view what the person is browsing in real-time

All these features are available for Android devices. However, the same is not valid for iOS observation. SpyFone helps you check on SMS messages, call logs, photos, contact lists, web history as well as tracking Viber, WhatsApp, and other instant messaging services.


To begin monitoring using an iOS device, you do not need to jailbreak the device. However, you do need iCloud credentials to setup SpyFone on an iPhone device.

The advantage of using iCloud is that you can access the data that you seek from someone else device. Do this from any location without the use of the device you used to register the app.

If there is no iCloud backup, you will need direct access when you want to view the data from another person’s device.

Installation of the SpyFone app on another device

To activate the SpyFone app on another device, you need to have direct contact with the equipment to manage this. For legal purposes, if it is not your device, be sure to have consent from the person whose activities you intend to check.

When you have the device, enable installation from unknown sources. Also, disable scanning from the device for security threats. This will prevent the device from sending messages to the person whose activity you view every time you check on their devices in real-time.

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Once this is done, download SpyFone to the device and install. it Once installed, you will note that the app is titled “System service” to prevent the owner of the gadget from gaining knowledge that the activities of their device are being spied on.


Installation is complete by following the instructions provided, and it is now ready to work by transferring data to your device or iCloud backup upon request.

Finally, create an account to log in to the existing account that you created with your device. Verify the new account created and you are ready to begin checking on data from the device.

Remember to clear the browsing history and create a file at the end to ensure the owner does not know about SpyFone.

This way, you get to monitor your employees to ensure they stay productive during working hours while in the office or on the field. For your child, you can keep track of their location and ensure they do not use the internet to view material they should not.

Is SpyFone use illegal?

The use of SpyFone is legal as monitoring software for devices that you own. If it is your employees, you can get the devices for work that they can use other than their mobile devices. This way, legally, the device belongs to you, and you can use the SpyFone app on said devices.

The same is true for your child as you will have bought the phone in your name. In case you need to monitor your employees’ device, you need to gain consent and ensure you inform them it is a condition for their employment.


Recommendations from the SpyFone team

Base on the SpyFone reviews by the team, it is clear that SpyFone is excellent software in monitoring all activities of another device.

Depending on the SpyFone app package that you choose, you can get information about a person’s use of messages, calls, social media, location, and instant messaging. You get to know who they communicate with when they do so, and their current position.

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For an employee on the field, you are at peace of mind knowing that they are working at the site where they are posted. While in the office, you are sure that they remain productive by preventing personal activities during working hours.

Regarding your child, you can monitor the proper use of the mobile device you buy. Use the SpyFone app to check the location of your child for safety purposes and also checking if they are where they claim to be.

To surmise, here are some pros and cons of the SpyFone app that will help you make your decision on the purchase of the product.


  • Jailbreak not required for iOS devices
  • Xpress plan is already installed with SpyFone mobile devices
  • The website is user-friendly
  • The installation is quick and easy to use


  • GPS location is not always accurate
  • The control interface is slow
  • Some features fail to work as expected 

Overall, the SpyFone review above shows that the app is essential in checking the activities of other people’s devices.

You can use it to check on employees for productivity during work, and you can use it to check on your children for safety and protection purposes.

Get this software today and enjoy peace of mind to continue with your schedule while checking up on those you need to regularly.