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SMS Spy App without Access to Target Phone Free Trial

Getting someone’s phone to spy on is very unmannered. Thanks to technology advancement, you don’t have to. To be more victorious in doing mobile SMS spy, you'll need an SMS spy app. By these apps, there will be no worries of being caught by the other parties while having access to their phones. However, almost all spy apps demand to pay a cost while some are free of charge. The latter is very rare.

A free trial is a good catch before finally purchasing a spy app. This will allow you to look for other options if not being satisfied with the service. So far, no disbursement is yet to happen. Gladly, NEXSPY offers three days of SMS spy app without access to the target phone free trial that lets you experience all of its features.

Cyberbullying and other online harassments can affect your loved ones who are into mobile phones. These are so harmful and can cause great trouble not only to the victim but also to the abuser.

One way to protect them from harm is by downloading a spy app which is now becoming popular. You can immediately help them to get out of trouble once detected. They’ll have no idea there’s an undercover work upon them unless you give consent about it.

Free sms tracker without installing on target phone 

NEXSPY - SMS spy app

NEXSPY could be the most affordable hidden sms tracker in today's market, which is efficient and untraceable. The company does not recommend starting the spying session without mutual consent. This is to keep the process legal.

logo nexspy

The app is very simple to use with excellent features that make it more noticeable by the crowd. Its customer support works well too.

NEXSPY is updated on a regular basis and so expect more exciting features. The truth is its existing specs are hard to overpower because of its flawless operation.

How does it work?

Through the NEXSPY app, you can monitor all the details on the messages being sent or received without the knowledge of the targeted phone.

feature nex

It can even watch contacts and the time-lapse on every phone call. This allows phone call recording that you can listen to any time.

Social media apps aren’t forgotten for it can record VoIP calls from different social media platforms like Facebook, Skype, and others.

Multimedia files, even the deleted files, are available into your access. The data can be recovered too if needed.

Last but not least is its capability to work as a GPS tracker. It doesn’t matter whether the user is online or offline; this app can locate that person.

Where to buy the NEXSPY app?

Go to NEXSPY’s official website to buy a NEXSPY license. You can opt to try the 3-day free trial if you don’t feel to make a permanent purchase of the app yet. Use an existing and current email address in making a purchase to be updated continuously.

NEXSPY 3-DAY Free Trial

Try NEXSPY™ 3 Days Risk Free | Limited Time Offer: 20% Off‎

Plus, all of the needed login credentials are to be sent via email. After the purchase, frequently check on your email account to see the updates.

NEXSPY installation process

To make NEXSPY work, it must be installed on the target phone. It might be challenging, but we’ll teach you the process to not be trapped. Do this process with consent, if necessary. The installation process is different from android phones and iPhones. Let’s see the difference.

  • 1. On Android phones

The first thing to do is to have access to the target phone and then enable the Unknown Sources.

Go to the Settings and click Lock Screen and Security button in where you’ll enable the Unknown Sources. Don’t forget to click the “Ok” afterward.

Download the NEXSPY app and click install.

Check your email address and get the sent licensed code to activate the app.

To avoid being caught in action, go to Privacy and clear the browsing and download history.

Enjoy the SMS spy app!

  • 2. On iPhone

Jailbreaking is what makes NEXSPY installation process on the iPhone different from the other mobile phones. It is a common practice on iOS phones for quicker installation.

The first step is to get a premium license or a 3-day free trial on NEXSPY’s website. The app provides 50 excellent features. Then again, use an authentic email address for more updates.

Connect to the internet to start installing the app on the target phone. Follow the provided instructions in downloading the app.

It is through the account portal in which the SMS and other files are spied on. Target phone user's consent is very much essential to keep it legal.

What’s next?

You can finally view the entire target phone’s data on your web account. Use the given login credentials to have access online. Any web browser works.

The files are categorized adequately so that monitoring will be much easier and more convenient. Tracking will never be comfortable and secure without the use of the NEXSPY app.

SMS spy without target phone free trial

There’s nothing called ‘free’ in this world these days. Thanks to NEXSPY for breaking the rule. A 3-day free trial of NEXSPY app is beneficial to many undercover agents who aren’t yet sure about purchasing.


Within those days, the user will surely tell if the service is satisfying or not good enough without spending pennies. The best thing is NEXSPY app lets the free trial users experience all of its features for free. It’s like you are a premium user for three days.

When being satisfied with the three-day free service, you can avail the premium version for more advanced features to experience. These demands cost anyways.

NEXSPY app is a convenient tool to guard your loved ones against mobile dramas, specifically in using messaging apps. The company promotes lawfulness throughout the monitoring service by asking consent to the target phone. 

Did we miss a thing? Feel free to ask questions on the comment section and wait for a quick response from ours. I hope you learn something useful today!

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