4 Ways to Recover Deleted Texts from Your iPhone


In case you have ever wanted better storage space when it comes to the iPhone, you must have observed that the application file for messages is very large. You must have also wondered how the messages get deleted on the iPhone as well.

The issues don’t end here, there will be times when you wanted to learn how can you recover the text message that was deleted. This you might have initially done for saving and freeing up some space on your phone and you might be regretting your decision now.


Luckily, there are ways through which you will be able to recover some of the deleted messages on texts. So in this blog, we shall be going through some of the important ways by which you can retrieve the deleted messages.

There will also be a few very important tips that you might as well that help with having back the important text messages on your iPhone. So let’s begin with some of the simple and fast ways of recovering the texts that you deleted, with some other vital information that you should know.

What are iMessages?

iMessages basically is part of the instant messaging application by Apple. This is being used on iPhones. The main difference between this application and all of the usual text messages is that you do not get charged by the data service provider.


With the assistance of iMessages, the user can send the messages in an unlimited manner to their friends if the device has been connected with the internet. In case you are not connected to Wi-Fi, iMessage does make use of mobile cellular data.

For people that have the habit of texting a lot and need to cut down the SMS messages, this can certainly be a great way for keeping in touch with friends and family and there will be no stress of the charges coming from the phone carrier.

Are the deleted iPhone messages recoverable?

Well, iPhone saves so much of the data related to text messages with also the MMS on as specific database known as SQLite. So when a specific message is deleted the status changes from “allocated” to the “unallocated” but the actual message data remains in the sitting there itself.


On any day when send or receive a new text, the space for entries that were “unallocated” will be occupied first. Then the new information is overwritten. Therefore when you delete the text messages they are overwritten by new information.

This enhances the probability of having messages retrieved. So, it is crucial that you stop making use of the Message application and then turn the device on for the airplane mode. This needs to be done before reclaiming the texts that you had initially deleted.

How to retrieve deleted text messages

iCloud recovery

The backups on iCloud are an amazing way of recovering the deleted messages on an iPhone. So if you had backed up the phone on iCloud, you can use this specific method to retrieve the messages that got deleted.

If you have not then you should make it a point to keep doing iCloud backups at regular intervals. This will be a great idea to save important information and not only the text message that might have gone deleted. Here are simple steps that you need to follow:

  • Go on the Settings option.
  • On the top, below the name, you will be able to see the Apple ID, App Store, iTunes, and iCloud. Click on that option.
  • Now tap on iCloud specifically.
  • Scroll down and click on iCloud backup.
  • Now you need to check if the last backup that you had made was before or after the time the text was deleted on that text that you require.

In case iCloud backup had already been made before you had deleted the text message, you are surely lucky. All you have to do is erase the iPhone and then restoring it by the backup that was dated before your text deletion date. We are providing you the step by step guide to do that as well:

  • Go to phone Settings.
  • Now tap on the General settings.
  • Select Reset.
  • Select all content to erase and Settings.

Now you will see a confirmation menu popping up. Select the second choice on that. It will say Erase Now. Just make sure you are not choosing the Backup then Erase option. This will be losing all of the data that had been backed up previously. This will also not be recovering the deleted messages on the text.

Now the phone has been completely erased, you can soon start the phone just like a new phone. Here are the instructions that you need to follow until you reach the Apps and Data page.

On the phone’s Apps and Data page, select restore option from the iCloud backup.

Now enter the passwords that are asked by iCloud Backup. Now you need to sign to iCloud.


Move ahead with “Choose backup”.  Now select from the list of all the backups that are available on iCloud. There can also be older backups as well, and you need to make sure that you select the appropriate one.

It is advised that you select the recent choice that falls just before the date you deleted the specific text message. You need to remember that the backups that are old might not have the other vital data that you had added on the phone while that specific backup had been made.

You might also need to sign in to your account after the iPhone has been restored.

iTunes backup

In case the method that we mentioned above did not work for you, don’t stress. Here we have another way that you can try and its iTunes. This works similarly to recovery from the backup that was made on iCloud.

You should be easily able to access any of the messages that are saved through iTunes. This works if you had been regular with the backups in this one as well. Therefore it is also recommended that you back up periodically, the iPhone on iTunes although you do have automatic backups on iCloud enabled.

Here is the guide:

You first have to connect the iPhone with a laptop that usually you sync the phone with. Automatically iTunes is going to open in case it had not been running already. You can also just click on the program as well.


Click on Summary.

To have the data that was backed from the phone, also with the deleted text message. You have to click on “Restore Backup”. In case the backup preference had been grayed you might have to change the backup preference to your computer from iCloud. You can also change it back after restoring the iPhone.

The procedure can also take some time in case there is much data saved on Mac and phone. In case you had synced this Mac or computer after you had deleted the text message this process isn’t going to work for you. iTunes just saves the last backup information for restoring.

Assuming that you might have not synced with iTunes after you text was deleted, this trick should just work fine to get those messages back.

Contact the service providers

In some of the situations, you can recover the text messages that were deleted by getting in touch with your service provider. The team might be having access to the backup in case it had not been overwritten yet or in case if there were no updates made.


It is recommended that you try to ask them for assistance if you need those messages and before you try to use any other drastic resort or a new application. While you are calling ask the representative to connect you to the technical team. They can surely try and make efforts to be reasonable and polite to them.

Third-party applications

This should be your last resort and when nothing of the above had worked for retrieving your deleted messages. There are several applications available that might assist you with recovering the deleted text messages and files from the iPhone, but you need to be careful.

Check for the reviews and then go for the one that you find reliable. PhoneRescue and WonderShare are some examples. There are both paid and free versions available. This is not a sure shot method and you have to be very cautious while going for this method.

So these were the best 4 ways to recover deleted texts from your iPhone and should surely help you to get the desired messages back without any difficulties at all.

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