8 Best Real-Time Location Tracking Apps in 2021


Every person likes to know if their loved ones are safe or not. Whether it is your kid or even an employee sent on an errand, it is important to know their real-time location. This way, you should be able to help them in case any trouble suddenly arises. 


How to track a cell phone location? You should be able to do this by installing some of the best real-time location tracking apps. But with the rise of location tracking apps, choosing the perfect one for your needs can be quite daunting. To make it easier for you, we listed here only the best tracking app available today. 

Top 8 Location Tracking Apps For Android and iPhone


One of the best phone tracker without permission available for tablets, smartphones and computers, NEXSPY allows any concerned parents and employers to track GPS location, calls, text messages, media, web history and so much more. 



Real-Time Location Tracking

The app allows you to determine the precise location of the target phone and provides access to a detailed location history logs. It also features geofencing that allows you to mark specific locations and stay notified when the target crosses it. 

Calls and Text Messages Tracking

NEXSPY allows you to monitor detailed call logs of any mobile phone as well as access to all contact information from the target phone. IT also allows you to read all received and sent text messages as well as emails on the target device.

Internet Activity

This tracking app tracks all browsing history details, monitor bookmarks and view all Wi-Fi networks that the target device has ever connected. 

NEXSPY dashboard 1

Data Capture

NEXSPY features a keylogger that records everything that is being typed on any application. Meanwhile, the Remote SpyCam, and Remote Video Capture allows you to remotely take a photo or record a video on iPhone and iPad. 

Application Monitoring

You will be able to view the complete list of installed apps on the phone as well as monitoring all details on the usage of each app installed. 


Android & iPhone / PC & Mac$39$29$19


Life360 is mainly a family app with awesome features that help to track a cell phone location for free. It is a location-based service that primarily allows family members and closest friends to share locations with one another. It is available for iOS and Android devices. 



Location Sharing

This feature gives your family members a view of each other real-time and recent location. 

Private Circle

This location tracking app also syncs your family’s devices into a private, invite-only Circle that makes it easier to plan and coordinate. The user’s location is only visible to those in the circle. 


The app also allows users to mark and create geofences that alert them when another family member leaves or enters another location. 


Since Life360 is a freemium app, you can decide whether to pay for extra features. These include unlimited creation of “Places”, stolen phone insurance, 24/7 access to a live advisor and emergency roadside assistance. In-App purchases can range $1.38 – $67.

FollowMee GPS Location Tracker 

Another great location tracking app, FollowMee GPS Location Tracker can be used for business and personal purposes. It converts your mobile devices (iOS and Android) into a super GPS tracking device. By installing this app to the device you wish to track, you will be able to track someone’s iPhone location when you logged on their website. 


Location Monitor

The user won’t need the app. They can just simply log in to the FolloMee.com website on their mobile device or desktop. From there, the user will be able to monitor the target device’s location for free. In addition, mileage reports, geo-fencing, state residency reporting, location sharing and other tracking services are also available on the site. 


Multiple Device Tracking

FollowMee allows you to track several devices in your account, including other mobile platforms such as Windows and iOS. All devices will be shown on the same map. 

No-Internet Contingency

Wi-Fi or cellular connection is needed in order to upload location data to the website service. However, when the connection is interrupted, the app continues to track the location and save the data in the device storage. So, when internet connection resumes, the data will be uploaded and your map will show updated data. 

SOS Panic Button

The app also allows you to call a designated telephone number via cellular or VOIP as well as emailing your current location in case of emergencies. 


Basic Service$5.99 per device annually
Extended History$9.99 per device annually
Real-Time Map$5.98 per device monthly (41 percent discount if pre-pay for one year)
Show Visit/Stop Info, Web Service API, Remote Control, Convert Coordinates to Address, Email Report, No Update Notification, Auto Refresh Map, KML Overlay and Additional Geofences$2.99 per device monthly (41 percent discount if pre-pay for one year)
Account Level Geofence, Download All Device Data$29 monthly (41 percent discount if pre-pay for one year)


Spyier is one of the most advanced and best tracking app available today. If you wish to monitor your kid’s daily activities or your employees’ productivity Spyier brings an amazing set of features that allow you to monitor any devices. 


Location Tracking App

The user will always know the real-time and live location of the target device. 



Spyier allows you to automatically record all input information. 

IM Messaging and Call Logs

This spy app without target phone allows you the user to track the target devices incoming and outgoing messages in IM Chat including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat and Instagram. Like messaging, Spyier also gives you access to the list of call logs on the target device.


Spyier provides proof. With this tracking app, you can take screenshots with a simple click whenever you want to. 

Data Export and Timeline

A recent feature, Timeline is where you see the whole logs and captured date of the target phone. Also, you should be able to save all data with the data export features. 


Android Basic Version$29.99$49.99$89.99
Android & iOS Pro Version$39.99$69.99$99.99
Android & iOS Ultimate Version$49.99$79.99$119.99


Another family-oriented app, the Famisafe tracking app is one of the best parental control apps out there. It is rich with amazing features that allow you to control and monitor your kid’s mobile device activity.



Real-Time Location Tracking + GeoFencing

With Famisafe, you should be able you track your kid’s whereabouts, viewing the location history to ensure that your kids have not been to any unusual places. It also allows you to set geofences for safe zones and offering you real-time notifications when your kid leaves or enters these zones. 

Suspicious Text Alerts

Famisafe allows you to monitor incoming and outgoing messages and you should be able to get automatic alerts on any potential risk of inappropriate adult contents, cyberbullying and harassment in your kids’ message conversations. 

Activity Monitor + App Blocker

You get to block apps when it is time for your kid to sleep or study. You will also be able to monitor how your kids can use their phones, track what apps are mostly used, installed and more. 

Screen Time Control and Tracking

Probably one of its most useful features, Famisafe allows you to control your kids’ screen time and set limits, ensuring that their mobile devices will not be used when sleeping or studying or in specific places like schools. 

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Web Content Filtering

Famisafe allows you to shield your kids from potential threats online, blocking any unsuitable or unwanted sites with harmful contents such as violence, gambling and porn. 


$9.99 up to 5 devices per account$6.66 up to 10 devices per account$4.99 up to 30 devices per account


One of the most reliable apps to track phones, mSpy does not only offer real-time location tracking but also loads of other spying and monitoring features. IT is compatible with almost all iOS and Android devices: tablets, phones, iPads, and iPhones. 


GPS Location Tracking

mSpy uses state-of-the-art location tracking and allows a user to monitor the real-time location of the target phone. It also allows you to set up safe zones and the app automatically notifies you each time the target phone leaves or enters these zones.


Control Programs and Apps

mSpy allows you to view a list of all installed app on the target device. You have the power to block those that you do not wish the owner of the target phone to use. In addition, mSpy also features a keylogger that captures all input data.

Managing Calls and Tracking Messages

With mSpy, you will be able to view all outgoing and incoming calls and messages, including the timestamps and duration. You can also block unwanted numbers from reaching or messaging the target phone. 

Monitoring Multimedia Files

mSpy will keep track of all videos and photos saves on the phone. Every time the user takes a photo or records a video with their device, it will be uploaded immediately to your mSpy account. 


Basic Package$29.99$59.99$99.99
Premium& No-Jailbreak Package$69.99$119.99$199.99
Basic Package$29.99$39.99$69.99
Mobile Family Kit (3 devices)$359.97$479.97
Computer Family Kit (3 computers)$119.97167.97
Bundle (Mobile Premium + Computer)$84.99$135.99$229.99


FamilyTime is one of the most powerful parental control apps. It is a reliable iOS and android Geo-Fencing app that allows users to monitor their kid’s whereabouts as well as managing usage and contents across all devices. 


Location Tracking + Geo-Fencing

With FamilyTime, you will be able to track your kid’s whereabouts and immediately know when they visit any suspicious place. Being one of the best apps to track phones, FamilyTime shows you a detailed location history of places that they visit at any hoven time. Its advanced geofencing features allow you to create safe zones and offer instant alerts the moment your kids leave or enter these zones. 


Internet Filtering

You get to control what images, videos, websites and other content your kid has access to on the internet. You can block any inappropriate or threatening websites and allows you to activate SafeSearch. 

Screen Time Control

With FamilyTime app, you will be able to manage and control the time that your kids spend on their mobile devices. It allows you to block device usage during bedtime or studying as well as setting limits to device access. 

App Blocker

Any gaming apps and social apps hat keep your kid from sleeping or studying can be blocked with FamilyTime. 


This useful feature allows your kids to notify you when it is time to pick them up from school. A simple tap on a button allows you to get your kid’s real-time location.


MyFamily$2.25 each child deviceUnlimited Parent Device + 1 Child Device 
MyFamily2$1.46 each child deviceUnlimited Parent Device + 2 Child Device 
MyFamily3$1.25 each child deviceUnlimited Parent Device + 3 Child Device 
MyFamily5$1.15 each child deviceUnlimited Parent Device + 5 Child Device 


Lastly, we have another family-oriented mobile app compatible with iOS, Windows, Android, Kindle, macOS, and Chromebook. The Mobicip is another superb parental control and location tracking app that allows you to manage and supervise your kid’s mobile device usage. 



Location Tracker

Mobicip allows you to locate your kid or any lost device anywhere, anytime. 

Advanced Internet Filtering

Mobicip allows you to create a safe learning environment for your kids with this feature scanning online content in real-time and filters any inappropriate websites.

Screen Time Control + App Management

You can set daily screen time limits on your child’s mobile phone and instantly lock or unlock their devices. In addition, Mobicip also allows you to restrict distracting games and apps by disabling them as you wish. You can even maintain a list of blocked apps that prevent them from installing it. 

Review Access Requests

You will get real-time notifications when your child tries to request access to any blocked websites or apps. 


STANDARD ANNUAL PLAN$34.99 for 5 devices