How to Prevent My Whatsapp From Being Hacked?


3 Ways To Protect WhatsApp Messages From Hacking

There are no doubts about it – a few moments of oblivion and the misbelief that it will never happen to you will turn you into a vulnerable target for hackers.

When it comes to WhatsApp, every hacker dreams about kicking it. After all, this is the most popular messaging application out there. 

In fact, it threatens to take over the traditional messaging service coming with smartphones too. So, how do you protect your WhatsApp messages from hacking?

Keeping WhatsApp Locked

Most of these so-called hacks are not actual hacks. You are less likely to be targeted by a professional hacker who can go into your account from 5,000 miles away. Instead, they are just pure mistakes.

Keeping WhatsApp locked is a must, as its security is definitely far from being the best. Unfortunately, the application does not have this feature yet.


Fortunately, you can use third party applications to lock certain programs. From this point of view, you can also block WhatsApp.

Whether you lose your phone, leave it at work or hand it over to someone with bad intentions, having WhatsApp locked will prevent a series of issues.

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Logging Out of WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp has implemented a web version, so you can now chat using your laptop or desktop.

In order to take advantage of this new feature, users often overlook the safety and security. Most newbies make the mistake of leaving WhatsApp Web open even when they are not using it.


Make a habit to close it by logging out whenever you do not use it. Going on a lunch break at work? Log out. Do not assume that no one will come to your computer anyway. How can you tell? 

On a positive note, WhatsApp will send you a notification whenever the account is connected to the web version.

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The Two Factor Authentication

The two factor authentication does not have too much to do with the actual authentication. In fact, it is a verification.

What does it do? Simple!

You set a PIN code, as well as an email address. If someone tries to take your account over by having access to your phone for a few seconds, they will need the PIN code. Simply put, no one can do anything without it.


To enable this feature, go to the settings menu, choose the account settings and you will find the two step verification there.

The email address does not have too much to do with security. You will not get any emails if someone attempts anything. Instead, you can use the address to recover your PIN code or change it in case you forget it.


In the end, little extra security for WhatsApp can prevent some of the easiest hacking options out there.

While often referred to as hacking WhatsApp methods, they are nothing but some tricks used by people around you to gain access to your messages. With this idea in mind, be careful who you hand your phone to and who you allow to use it.​