Hoverwatch Review 2021 – Is It Worth Buying?


Hoverwatch is monitoring software for mobile devices. It provides information on text messages, recorded phone calls, media files, and GPS location of your child or employee. 

In addition, you get information on the internet activities of a targeted device. These actions also include social media information such as Viber, Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and Instagram, among others.


Using stealth mode, you can view all these actions from another mobile phone, discreetly. The Hoverwatch reviews discussed here to provide information on why you need to use this monitoring app.

Hoverwatch is compatible with the following operating systems 

  • Windows
  • Android
  • Mac OS X

The app provides three packages based on your budget and requirements. These packages are monthly, quarterly, and annual services at different prices.


  • 1 month costs $19.95
  • 3 months costs $49.95
  • 12 months costs $99.95


  • 1 month costs $39.95
  • 3 months cost $99.95
  • 12 months cost $199.95


  • 1 month costs $149
  • 3 months cost $299.95
  • 12 months cost $499.95

How Hoverwatch works?

The process to make the app work is simple. It entails installing the software on the target device. Once you do so, the information from the device is sent to your device.

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You can discreetly check recorded calls, texts, social media activity, and other functions performed on the other device. Be it your child or employee; you have complete control over their devices.


Based on the operating system, your target device uses, this app offers various monitoring features. They include the following.

For Android devices, you get the following features

Invisible mode: You can view all the information you need accurately in stealth mode. You are invisible to the person whose device you target for monitoring.

Calls and text messages: You can get data on all calls made and received from your targeted device. You can also view the received and sent text from the phone as well.

Geo-fencing: Use your Hoverwatch account to find out the location of your target device at any time.


Front camera photo: When the user of the target device unlocks the screen, you can take a front camera photo to check if the assigned person uses it. If your child’s phone is stolen, you can get the picture of the one who uses the device at any time after theft.

SIM card replacement: If the SIM card of the target phone is replaced, you get an alert when you use the Hoverwatch app on a target device.

Monitor up to 5 target devices: Based on Hoverwatch reviews, it is possible to monitor multiple devices at the same time. You can track a table, iPhone, Android device, iPad, laptop, and computer simultaneously.

Browsing history: View the timestamps and history of the device that you target in real-time using this app.

To-do list: If the person whose device you target has a record for their schedule, you can view it using the Hoverwatch app. This way, you know your child or employee’s daily tasks and keep them accountable.


Contacts: The app helps you know all contacts in the target device, including the names, emails, numbers, and addresses, among other details.

Screenshots: This feature allows you to see what the target device is used for in terms of calls, social networks, and browsing history daily when you need the information.

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Snapchat: You can view the texts or media that go through Snapchat using the Hoverwatch app. There are timestamps available on when each media is received on the target device.

Windows features

Stealth mode: Your target device is viewed discretely when you use Hoverwatch app.

Keylogger: The app helps you record all text that is typed on a physical or virtual keyboard. You will know everything that your kid or employee types on the device.

Webcam shots: This feature helps you know who uses the target device by capturing photos from an installed camera in the device.


Website logs: All web activity on the target device can be monitored using this app.

Screenshots: These shots help you know how the user of the target device uses the said PC, laptop device.

Facebook messages: Using Hoverwatch, you can view all Facebook activity in the target device. Therefore, you can see messages, videos, and newsfeed for the target device.

Computer activity

  • Helps you know when the PC or laptop is on or off
  • Allows you to see every login from every user
  • Helps you know when a particular program is started
  • Enables you to track file operations within the computer remotely.
  • Skype recorder saves both the calls and conversations made on a Skype call. 
  • Clipboard records the history of clipboard activity on your PC or desktop 
  • Track the location of a laptop used by your child or an employee in real-time on a detailed map

Mac features

Invisible mode: Helps you view the target device discreetly, the user cannot see or delete the app once it is running on your Mac device.

Keylogger: Helps you view all words that are written while browsing on the target device. Record all passwords of the target device using the app for easier access to the target device.

Chat messages: Can be viewed when you use the app all instant messages such as Adium, Skype, iMessage, and iChat are viewed remotely.


Screenshots: Use on Mac to view how the target is being used at various times of the day by your child or employee.

Internet history: You can view all visited websites using Hoverwatch on your target Mac device. Check time stamps and URL for browsers such as Mozilla, Safari, Firefox, and Google Chrome.

Pros & cons of Hoverwatch


  • Hoverwatch app has many features
  • You can make screenshots using the target phone, computer, or other target devices
  • You can track multiple devices. 
  • Using stealth mode, the target device will not show the user they are being monitored
  • You get a free trial before you choose whether to use the Hoverwatch monitoring app


  • You need to have the device to install the app. If not, it can be uninstalled. 
  • The app is not compatible with iPhones
  • It is hard to record Skype conversations
  • There is no email or phone support. you can only submit requests when there is an error

Installing Hoverwatch on your target device

Complete the following simple steps to have Hoverwatch installed on your device and the target device.

Create a free account on the Hoverwatch sign up page

Enter a valid email address and input your preferred password. Once you have agreed to the Terms and conditions of the account, your account is created.


Add devices that you need to be targeted by the app

If you have the equipment you need to monitor in hand, click download and you will get the installation set up which requires you to follow various steps.

Begin monitoring

Once installed, begin monitoring by saving call records, location, text messages, and any other information you require from the target device.

The legality of using Hoverwatch

Hoverwatch app monitoring use is considered legal under the following conditions:

  • When you use the app to monitor your kid’s mobile devices, this is legal as they are underage and the phone is under your name.
  • Tracking company-owned devices are legal as the employee is notified and knows the reason for tracking is ensuring productivity in the workplace.
  • You can monitor your device. For instance, you can use the Hoverwatch app to track a lost or stolen phone.

However, if you are tracking a friend or relative who is of legal age without their consent, it is generally considered illegal in many countries, so avoid doing so.

With much information on the internet, your children may be victims of bad practices and scams online. By using Hoverwatch, you are protecting your children from these risks.


Also, help your child organize their schedule and become more productive at school and home using their phone. Use the app to monitor that they follow these schedules, and they will be more successful in all circles of their life.

Learn more about your child’s location to keep them safe while away from home. You gain peace of mind as you are aware of your child’s activities while you are apart. Therefore, you have a great tool when you choose Hoverwatch for your child’s safety.

More information on using Hoverwatch

Hiding the Hoverwatch icon

On the target device, you need to hide the app icon to prevent the one you target from gaining knowledge that you monitor their phone. Open the app and select the Setting menu. Select the hide app icon, and you are set for monitoring.

Grant Android permission to receive information

Older version Android devices make it harder for compatibility with the Hoverwatch app. To grant permission, go to Settings, select App, and proceed to grant permission.

Turn on geolocation on Android

Some Android devices have GPS, and geolocation turned off. To turn it on and reach the target device, go to Settings, select the Share location feature and turn it on. You get to share location with your loved ones.


Fixing logs that have stopped recording

At times, the Hoverwatch app fails to upload complete logs. Version or permission issues may cause this. If this is the case, choose to upgrade the older version. If this is not possible, delete the older version and download the latest Hoverwatch app version to ensure complete log uploads.

Payment problem

If you have a problem with your subscription, be sure to visit the official Hoverwatch website. Here, you can organize the monthly, quarterly, or annual payment you chose during registration.

Change the method of payment if the payment you used initially does not work. If this does not help, use the customer services available to sort the problem.