How to Hack a Phone Without Having Access to It?


Online security is something most people take for granted. They do not realize just how much of their data and personal safety is at stake. Imagine if someone could gain access to your bank accounts, social media, email, phone logs, and contacts. It would put you completely at their mercy.

Hackers are getting more sophisticated as time goes by. They have realized that direct attacks will most likely be discovered and thwarted, so they come up with roundabout ways.

For example, instead of hacking directly into your laptop, they might spam your child’s phone to get to your home Wi-Fi. Once you connect to that same Wi-Fi, you will then be vulnerable to worse attacks.


The saying goes that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and hopefully you can see how true this is. No one is more susceptible to these attacks than young children.

They are still highly impressionable and unaware of just how evil people can be. That is why you need to protect them, for their and your sake. But how do you do that?

With the current advances in technology, it is very easy to hack into a cell phone without the owner having any notion of the matter. Let us take a look at the ways available, with varying degrees of sophistication.

How to hack a cell phone remotely?

There are various methods that can be used to hack a cell phone.

Free public Wi-Fi

You have probably heard all the warnings against connecting to public Wi-Fi. Even your phone or laptop warns you against it, for good reason. It is very easy to hack into a cell phone connected to a public network.

What hackers do is they set up free Wi-Fi and wait for unsuspecting people to log in. Then they can easily monitor all the traffic coming through the network.

This means that your email, social media, and other internet traffic are at risk. In this age when everything is interconnected, a hacker can do a lot of damage with this info.

USB Data Transfer

You do know that USB cables can also be used to transfer data, and usually, there are virtually no restrictions on this. While a hacker would need to get very close to you to do this kind of attack, do not underestimate how creative they can be.

You can be charging your phone through your laptop and have malware installed that can then send data anonymously over the internet.


Phishing is a kind of attack where a fake site poses as a real, trustworthy site to steal your login information. Hackers usually target major sites for this such as payment sites, email, social media, online shopping like Amazon, among others.

This is part of the reason you should never use the same password for all your sites. Once the hacker has your login information, there is no limit to what they can do.

You could be blackmailed with embarrassing information and ruining your reputation, have your money stolen, credit cards maxed out, among many other things. A simple Facebook password is enough to do all this.

Midnight Raid

This is a bit complicated, but the principle is simple. Late at night, when you’re asleep and your phone is unattended, hackers can send a spam message saying ‘You are being hacked.’

Depending on the phone, this can then initiate the phone’s internet explorer. A reply message is then sent back which contains the phone’s IMSI number (International Mobile Subscriber Identity).

The IMSI number is your phone’s unique identifier and can be used to steal data, listen in on calls, get messages or even install a virus for more harmful work.

Spy apps

The easiest way to access a cell phone without the user knowing is through the use of a spying app. These are applications that collect information about the targeted phone and make it available to you. They can get almost unrestricted access, and are thus the most powerful tools a hacker can use.

Spy apps can forward call logs, SMS messages, key logs (records of every single key typed into your phone), gallery, and web usage. They can even be used to initiate the camera and microphone remotely to record ambient sights and scenes. Of course, they also keep a detailed map of your locations. There are very many such apps including NEXSPY, mSpy, Mobile Spy, Hoverwatch, etc.


This power can easily be misused by unscrupulous people, but a caring parent or concerned parent can find a good use for it. This is why there are spying apps strictly for parental control. Such an app will give you the power to monitor your children’s activities discreetly so that you can keep them safe from all such dangers.

All this can be available to you legally and safely through the most advanced spying/parental control app call NEXSPY. With NEXSPY, you will always be aware of what is happening with your children or employees if you’re a businessman. It also gives you the power to restrict anything that you think is harmful, such as blocking people and restricting apps on the phone.

How to hack a phone number?

At first, you may not think that your phone number is enough to hack into your devices. Just think of all the places we display our phone numbers, especially on social media. Unfortunately, your phone number alone is enough to give a hacker access to your data and phone. There are several ways.

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In the old days when phones operated through copper wires, all one needed to tap into your phone conversion was a pair of vampire clips or an induction coil. Today, cell phones and carriers use a protocol known as Signalling System No 7 or SS7 for short.

Hackers have detected weaknesses in the system that allow them to intercept all communication in and out of your phone, no matter where you are in the world. Scary, right?

The problem with such a protocol is that it is outdated. It cannot compete with the intricacies of modern electronics. Although carriers are slowly changing over to a new protocol called Diameter, such an overhaul could take years to reach the common user.

Fake cell towers

Another popular method is the use of fake cell phone towers. Normally, your cell phone number uses its unique identifier called the IMSI number (International Mobile Subscriber Identity) to connect with the nearest cell tower.

The tower itself has no obligation to identify itself, and herein lies the problem. A hacker can set up a fake cell tower closer and more suited to your phone’s configuration so that it routes its communication through it.

Calls, text messages, data traffic, and location data immediately become available to the person controlling the tower. In normal conditions, such information is either encrypted by legitimate towers while the carrier is bound by law to protect it.

Such devices work by spoofing real cell towers and intercepting signals to and from it. That is why they are called IMSI catchers or Stingrays and are common among law enforcement officers. However, even some licensed private detectives have them and of course, hackers.

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Control messages

Control messages are a special set of commands that can be used to issue commands to a cell phone directly. For example, there are control messages you can send to your phone to initiate Alexa or Siri.

A hacker can take control of this feature and send a message that opens up your phone’s settings to them. They could then turn off security settings that prevent app installation from untrusted sources. They can also easily read your device information in this manner.

This also means that the hacker can go on to activate location access, access and change accounts, among other things that are usually found in their settings. And even more scary, they can initiate a total data wipe with a single command.

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Spam messages

You have probably had to deal with spam messages, emails and calls in your lifetime. Have you ever stopped to consider how hackers can use them to hack into your devices?

These days, many websites have incorporated what is known as a two-way authentication factor (2-F). This means that when attempting to login to the site, a security code is sent to your phone or email which can either be used to reset the password or just log in.


With your phone number and email, a hacker could simply visit Paypal, enter the email and click on ‘forgot password.’ When the code is sent, they follow up with a message like ‘This is is Paypal. We have noticed suspicious activity on your account. Please reply with the security code we just sent you.’

If you’re not a prudent person and send the code, you will essentially give over the keys to your Paypal account. They can then do anything they like from there, even change the password.

Now you see how subtle this is, imagine how much more susceptible and elderly person, or a child with no technical know-how is. Imagine also what risk an unsuspecting employee can put your business in through such behavior.

How to hack someone’s phone without touching it?

With modern technology, you rarely need to get physical access to the target phone to hack it. Professional hackers use a combination of the above-named methods together with many more tools to hack any phone they like. However, they are also a few ways available even to a layman, these include:

Google Android Manager: Once you purchase an Android mobile phone, it prompts you to input the email account that will be used with the device. This account is paramount to the device’s usage, including forming part of its security and anti-theft protocol.

If you had access to the email and password for that account for any Android device, you can log in to the Google Find my Phone using this information and get its current location, a map of recently visited locations, as well as most frequently visited.

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This information is invaluable to a concerned parent. You can also use it to access backed up contacts, and if you are tech-savvy will also be able to monitor popular social media platforms.

Spy apps: This is the easiest and most powerful tool for anyone who wants more power over the target phone, and well as the easiest to use. You don’t need to access the phone, contrary to what many people think.

If the target phone is an iPhone or other IOS device, a good spy app will provide you with the ability to get almost any information you need from it.

For an Android device, a good spy app will also give you remote access to the phone. However, you will need just one chance with the phone itself to install the spy app. Only a few minutes will be needed, and from there you will get access no matter where the phone is.

To hack an iPhone remotely without raising any suspicion with the owner, your best bet is to use a good spy app. As a responsible parent, the same way you monitor TV programs to make sure that only appropriate content reaches your children is the same to make sure that the phone or laptop you buy them does not turn out to be harmful. For that, you need the best and most advanced parental control apps.

NEXSPY is one of the few apps designed exclusively for parental control. This means that it is completely within your legal rights as a parent, and its tailor-made features help you take control of what is happening in your child’s life. It is the most advanced of its kind that we know, and that is high praise in such a dynamic environment.

NEXSPY dashboard

How to hack someone’s phone camera remotely?

People love to document their lives and adventures through pictures and videos. This was apparent even centuries ago when the affluent had portraits of themselves made. Then came the camera, and now the smartphone camera in the hand of almost every human being on earth.

A visit to someone’s phone gallery can tell you a lot of things about them. Where they have been, who they were with, what they have been doing, how they looked … more than enough information to know who that person is. If you are a parent or guardian, or simply a businessperson, such information can be very important.

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There are workplaces where taking photos is prohibited due to their sensitive nature. Others may not state this expressly, but employees are expected to exercise a certain level of discretion. A disgruntled employee can do a lot with a smartphone and a few hours in the office. These are just a few reasons why camera media is important.

phone's camera

Some of the ways we discussed above can even be used to take control of a target phone’s camera. However, it is a very complicated process that even accomplished hackers find difficult to bypass. For a person with average hacking abilities, it is almost impossible. This is why you might need tools to do the job for you, and the best you can with for is a spy app.

An advanced parental control/spying app like NEXSPY gives you this power on a platter. You can access data from pictures and videos taken in the past, get the most recent activity, and keep your record of the same.

Most importantly, if you had any reason to suspect that the phone owner might be in danger of doing something illegal, you could start taking ambient pictures, as well as record video with sound to know what is happening. All this without raising suspicion and without leaving a trace.

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We understand the need to know what is going on around you, especially when it comes to something personal such as children or places of work. After all, we live in an age where information is the most valuable type of currency.

Hackers use personal information to hack you, and you can use it to stay safe and do the same thing for those you wish to protect. We have highlighted some of the most common hacking methods that are in use today. 

The purpose of this is two-fold. Firstly, to make you aware of just how dangerous to remain ignorant of what is happening in the world today. Secondly, you can use this information to protect yourself to some extent from such attacks.

NEXSPY dashboard 1

Anybody who is not tech-savvy and up-to-date is putting themselves in grave danger. However, it is not possible to maintain this same level of awareness to everybody, and especially with innocent children.

This is why as parents or guardians and business managers need to take action to protect what they care about most. Parental control and monitoring software offer this solution in an easy to use and versatile way.

NEXSPY has been chosen out of all other similar apps that offer the same services because it is the most advanced and easiest to use. It is compatible with all platforms in use, from Android to iOS.

With NEXSPY, you never have to worry about being taken by surprise. You can rest easy that everyone and everything you care about is safe.