Best Hacking App for Android


Android is the most widespread operating system on the planet, and it has a large user base of ethical hackers. As a result, many developers have created practical, exemplary hacking applications for Android.

Data snooping on a company smartphone or tablet will help you determine whether or not your worker is loyal to you. You could also find potential hazards for your children.

You can determine the safety and health of the older adults in your home, and you can hack text messages without access to the phone. Employers frequently need to monitor their employees’ activities. You can benefit from using a spying application.

How to hack texts messages without access to a phone

We must seek safety for our family members from various types of online threats, and we’re more aware of things around us. There’s no need to know how to hack someone’s phone. It would help if you googled “hacker app android” or “app hacks iOS.”

Many spy apps that do not require a target mobile can easily read text messages to monitor someone’s phone activities without gaining access to their phone.

Is there a free app that allows you to spy on someone’s phone without having to touch it?

Yes! One thing is sure: free network monitoring tools are not comparable to premium paid versions. When it comes to ease of use, characteristics, security, and reliability, you’ll notice a significant difference between the two most of the time.

However, we suggest that you use a free version of the software that offers it. It allows you to see most of the billing systems and how they would benefit you before investing in a particular app.

To hack someone’s phone, you don’t have to know their account password.

All it is required to hack someone’s account using an espionage app effectively is to install whatever spy app of your selection on it.

You can view everything on the target’s phone, including social media pages and other vital features such as GPS location, gallery, text emails, all input and output calls, voicemails, and so on.

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12 best Android hacking apps for 2022

Android is a Linux-based operating system globally, and its customer base includes many vulnerabilities, scanning enthusiasts. It has also sparked the creation of helpful vulnerability scanning apps for Android by a variety of developers.

To assist our readers who are willing to perform vulnerability scanning and forensics on their Android phones, we have compiled a list of upper and accessible techniques for 2021 that can be used on both rooted and non-rooted devices. Popular Thu and phone tapping apps on our list include Hackode, zANTI, Mammal for Root, and others.

So, we’ll go over 12 cyber-attack apps for Android that will turn your phone into a hacking device. Such Android hacking apps are a collection of some of the best apps only used for pen testing and lawful trying to hack to secure your system.


If you’re looking for the best spy app for Android phones, NEXSPY is a good option. You get many features with this powerful snooping application. Installing and configuring the application just on the target device takes just a few minutes.

Nonetheless, this app works perfectly both on rooted and quasi Android devices. NEXSPY works with iOS devices as well, but you must jailbreak the device. Some of NEXSPY’s features are detailed below.

Call Data: NEXSPY helps give you access to the target device’s call logs, call logs, contacts, as well as other call data. The app also records calls and listens to them afterward.

Messages: You could indeed hack text messages without access to the phone. The NEXSPY application allows you to read someone’s text messages and emails from the target device.

IM Chats: NEXSPY also grants you access to the target smartphone’s instant messenger applications. You can spy on Messages on Facebook Messenger, text messages, Google Voice, and other platforms.

Location tracking is a significant benefit of NEXSPY. You can record the position of the object device using the best phone tracker app without permission, such as NEXSPY, which is sitting at your house. This feature also helps in the recovery of a stolen device.

Internet Actions: NEXSPY users can monitor the target phone’s internet activity. Cookies, browser bookmarks, bookmarks, internet connectivity, and other web data can all be viewed.

Media Files: NEXSPY can also access media files and save them on the target device. You can view media files such as audio, video, and photographs. Many spying implementations do not grant you access to a specific device’s applications. NEXSPY, on the other hand, helps give you access to the software saved on the targeted system.


mSpy is one of the finest app hacking apps for anyone who wants to monitor their children’s or employees’ online activities. mSpy can watch almost everything on your victim’s smartphone. It is compatible with all major operating systems, including Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS.

In terms of features, livability, and ease of use, no spy app outperforms mSpy. It was presented in 2010 as a mobile monitoring product and has since evolved into one of the best hacking apps for monitoring your child’s or anyone’s internet activities.

This app lets you monitor whatever on your Android or iOS device, including social media apps like Facebook, text message, dating sites, Snapchat, Meetups, and Viber. To install mSpy, you must have access to the device.

  • Tracks your child’s Facebook, Instagram, Tinder, and other social media accounts.
  • Monitors photos and videos.
  • View specific info on Contacts, Calendar events, Emails, Setup Apps, wifi networks, and more.
  • Allows you to track your children’s real-time location.
  • Monitors internet browser history and actions.
  • and many other features that you can find for yourself.


RAT is an abbreviation for remote management tools. AndroRAT is a java-based program. You can gain a direct remote connection to the Perpetrator’s Android phone using this app.

The disadvantage of this instrument is that you can only use it on a local network (LAN). With this feature, you can receive complete control of any Android phone.

AndroRAT features include the ability to:

  • Check to consider logs using AndroRAT.
  • Take photos remotely.
  • Send text messages to the victim without providing any information.
  • Make the device vibrate.
  • View GPS location.
  • Compatible with both Mac and Windows.
  • Spy on personal messages.
  • Hack the GPS coordinates and wifi password.
  • Record video and take photos with target devices.
  • Keep an eye on the targeted system and upload files.

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cSploit is among the most popular Android hacking apps.

It’s a network protocol that could do a variety of things. It comes with the Metasploit framework and can perform guy attacks, forge Port numbers and UDP parcels, and other similar tasks.

It’s primarily useful for detecting security flaws on networks. The software is quite powerful, but it also has some drawbacks. To use this app, you must have a rooted device.

This application includes many features such as monitoring local networks, detecting security flaws via an integrated Penetration testing daemon, engaging in Man-in-the-Middle attacks, and much more.


DroidSheep is a powerful hacking app created by Corsin Camichel for cybersecurity experts who want to experiment with wifi networks. The app can hijack internet session profile information over a system and is compatible with almost all offerings and websites. You can install the app on your deeply ingrained Android phone, or you can have the code from GitHub.

When you launch the DroidSheep app, it behaves as a router, monitoring and intercepting all wifi network activity and retrieving active session profiles. This app allows users to snort Facebook, Linkedin, and Instagram, and other online accounts. Another version of the software, DroidSheep Guard, aids in detecting Reverb on channels, i.e., attacks by FaceNiff, Droidsheep, or other apps.

  • Read packets sent received by smartphones in secret
  • It doesn’t get any easier than one-click session hijacking.

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Hackode is the second app on our list of the best hacking apps for 2022. Cybersecurity, penetration testers, and IT will find it helpful. Hackode has three modules: reconnaissance, scanning, and security feed.

Hackode is the ideal way to begin your ethical cyber-attack voyage with the confidence of residual privacy because it does not ask for your information.

  • Google cyber-attack, SQL Injection, and MySQL Server are all features of Hackode.
  • Who is Perusing, DNS Lookup, IP, MX Documents, DNS Difference, Security RSS Feed Exploits

Kali NetHunter

Kali Linux NetHunter is the first accessible penetration testing framework for Nexus and OnePlus One devices running Android.

It claims to support Wireless 802.11 frame infusion, HID keyboards, plugin MANA Evil Access Point configurations, BadUSB MITM attacks, and other features. Please try it out and explore, as it comes from the most respected brands in the vulnerability scanning field.

The Nethunter core is divided into three editions:

  • Kali Linux container containing all Kali tools
  • Software Store has a plethora of apps.
  • App client for connecting to App Store

Kali Linux NetHunter has the following features:

  • Wireless 802.11 chassis injection and AP mode 
  • Full Kali Linux toolkit 
  • NetHunter Lite version mountable on all Android phones

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Network Mapper

Network Mapper is a powerful app for hacking an Android phone that allows you to search and discover internet protocol, port numbers, troubleshooting, operating system revelation, and security flaws on a system.

You can use a network mapper to find flaws in ports and services on one’s website. It also aids in the detection of server misconfiguration.

  • It is not necessary to root your App device to use this keystroke logger.
  • Scan web hosts for vulnerabilities
  • Firewall evasion
  • Scan systems
  • Scan for ports and services, OS, and other things
  • Simply listing access points of the target
  • Host discovery

NetX Network Tools Pro

Managing Modern routers and tracking connected devices was never more straightforward than the NetX updated with the new Pro app. Some computer networks do not always necessitate the use of a specialized hardware tool. It also contains a collection of useful integrated tools for your users to use. This app makes it simple to locate and manage wifi and portable devices.

This app is well-known and valuable due to its plethora of characteristics and tool bundles.

It finds all network-connected devices. Displays the most critical information for each connected device, including IP address, Device id, vendor, Bonjour name, Telnet name, and domain.

  • Discovers each device linked to a network
  • Displays the critical material for each connected device, MAC Address, IP Address, Bonjour Name, Vendor, Domain, and NetBIOS Name.
  • Shows the location of a mobile phone provider.

Sniffer Wicap 2 Pro

Packet filtering is the reasoning used to supervise and seize all accessible data packets over a network. Sniffers are essentially used by network or system administrators to debug network traffic. Some assailants can use packet sniffers to obtain passwords or software that has been installed on a system.

Sniffer Wicap 2 Pro is an excellent app for analyzing mobile traffic. With its assistance, the user can obtain real-time information about all packages. In addition, the utility can display data from multiple network interfaces simultaneously, such as a 3G, ethernet, or WiFi.

The program supports both vertical and lateral screen orientations. It includes numerous useful features such as packet capture notifications, a built-in statistics analyzer, a root terminal, an information viewer, and so on.

On the other hand, sniffing can be used to secure your mobile device and network, which is what this app does for you. Some of the Sniffer Wicap 2 Pro’s unique features are listed below.

  • Two-part scenario: Java GUI exceptional control.
  • The app is proactive in terms of scanning, sending, GeoIP, and other features.
  • In-built packet statistics analyzer.
  • Has multiple interfaces, including wifi, 3G, and parallel message capture on LTE.
  • Mobile and tablet optimization.
  • Scans in packet capture formats (cap/cap) are supported.

WiFiKiLL Pro

WiFiKiLL Pro is an excellent hacking application for rooted Android phones. If a device is connected to your network, you can use this tool to disable its internet connection.

In reality, it prevents packet data from reaching the device. Because of its simple interface, even inexperienced users can use this Android to hack the app.

The app disables the link of other devices on the same WiFi network; basically, you can bump people off without them knowing.

WiFiKiLL Pro’s key features are as follows:

  • Deactivate others on your system, select who can remain.
  • Look at the list of gadgets in use.
  • See also data transfer percentage (download, upload).
  • Monitor the network connections of any WiFi-enabled device.
  • The showcase name of the network-connected device.
  • Quickly disconnect any device that connects to the same WiFi connection as yours.


This suite of portable hacking apps, developed by Zimperium, includes various tools commonly used for pen-testing. This toolkit enables IT Security administrators to replicate a sophisticated hacking environment to detect a variety of malicious techniques.

zANTI is a cyber-attack app that gives the power of Backpedal on your Android phone. Because of ARP cache toxicity on devices, as shortly as you log into zANTI, it charts the entire system and inhales the web pages being visited, as well as their cookies. Its features are:

  • Network scans at various intensities
  • Identify flaws with tests such as MITM, Metasploit, and password guessing.
  • Inspect Your Network at Various Levels and Identify Devices Connected Detailed

Obtain Detailed Information such as device name, model, and manufacturer, device OS and version, device port numbers, internet backbone IP and MAC address, and Endpoint User-Agents.

  • Look for Weaknesses
  • Simulate attack patterns such as Man-in-the-Middle (MITM) attacks.
  • Showcase Exploits and plugin Reports

How is it possible for my phone to get hacked?

Attackers can obtain access to the device in various ways, but almost all require you to take action. Your phone, for example, can be managed to hack if you have:

Installed a malicious app

Only download apps from the Play Store or the Appstore to avoid downloading malware-infected apps.

It would help if you also double-checked that the app’s developer is correct. For example, the Gmail app’s developer should be listed as Google.

Finally, read this same app reviews. The vast majority of studies should be favorable.

If you receive emails or texts from someone you don’t know, click any links or download attachments. There’s a chance they’ll contain malware.

When you’re surfing the web and finally come across a link that looks suspicious, run it through a site scanning like Norton Safe Web before actually clicking on it.

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What to do if your phone is hacked?

If you believe your Mobile got hacked, You can take a few steps to deal with the situation. Before you begin, notify your contacts that your phone indeed got compromised and that they should not click any suspicious-looking links they may well have received from you. These are some points that you can follow.

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Remove any suspicious apps

As you are now aware, downloading a dubious app is a popular way for malware to infiltrate your phone. If you discover that your phone has been hacked, go through your apps and remove anything and everything that came from a third article (in other words, not the Apple App Store or the Google Play store). 

Confirm that any apps you’ve recently downloaded are from a deserved reputation and have positive reviews. If they don’t, you should remove them from your Mobile.

Restart your phone

You can remove the vast bulk of ransomware from your phone by performing a factory reset. It will, however, erase any data stored on the device, including photos, notations, and contacts, so make a backup before restarting your device.