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How to Hack Someone’s Phone to Read Their Text Messages?

It goes without saying that​ hack a phone to read texts is not an easy task. You need to understand the target device properly and should know the safe means through which you would go about the process.

Hacks for monitoring could be needed for any kind of reason such as for parental control, for legal reasons, monitoring employees, etc. Fortunately, there are some ways through which even non-techy people can try to hack devices and catch the information they are looking for.

To help you with the process, we have arranged a list of apps and sources that are brilliant at this job and can help you hack any device you want to.

3 Ways to hack someone’s text messages without having their phone


Let’s start with the best. NEXSPY is one of the most popular brands known for providing assistance in hacking into phones and reading texts and monitoring activities. It helps you get control over any device and gather whatever information you seek while taking care of the user’s safety.

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The software is compatible for any kind of device with any kind of operating system such as iOS, Android, etc. which means you would be able to get iPhone text message hack. You can even use this software to hack into a computer as well.

This software does not only get you information related to texts or calls but can get you the exact location where the phone is present at the moment or was a few moments ago. Not only this, the software can even help you peep into the media of the phone and the app that is being used currently.

On using NEXSPY, you will be able to access the person’s web history and web address visited by them. Not only this, but the software also let us access the social media applications present on the phone. Through NEXSPY, you would be able to use these apps without any issues from your own devices.

How to use NEXSPY?

In order to start using the best app to hack someones phone, you first need to buy a subscription of the software. The software has to be installed on your device which you will use to monitor the other device.

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Once you login through your device, you can then follow the instructions mentioned in the manual that will help you install the software on the target device as well. Once you are done, you would be able to view all the activities and date by just logging into your account.

2. Spyzie

Another software that can help you hack text messages without having their phone is Spyzie. This is as popular as NEXSPY and has been used by many to gather information from other people’s devices. The software works on very advanced technology. It has made its way to the list of the best software for hacking other devices.


The best part about the software is that it can provide a number of facilities at a very affordable price. Spyzie can be used to track devices for continuous hours 24x7. The software can get you the GPS location of the target device within a radius of 5-10 feet.

Spyzie is considered to be better than most hacking software because it can be used to keep a track on more than one device that too without interruption or any cross-connection depending upon the quality of internet connectivity being used.

Spyzie is considered to be very useful as it remains hidden in on interface of the target device and gets you the information of media, browser, communication, etc. without leaving any traces behind. On using Spyzie, you cannot just listen to the calls taking place on the target device but you can also halt or pause the calls there and then.

When using the software, you can choose to either leave an icon running in the notification or you can let the software do its chores silently the whole time. The owner of the target device would not be able to figure out the running process no matter how much they try. You would be able to control and even monitor all the happenings on the target phone without much struggle whenever and wherever you want.

3. WebWatcher

This software has specifically been designed for parents, employers. The brand understands the importance of knowing the truth and puts its best foot forward to help its customers through it.


WebWatcher has been successful in providing information to users regarding the activities the target has been indulged in and the various websites they have visited using the target device.

Parents can easily look into their child’s online life and figure out what they have been up to. The process to use this software is not at all complicated as it involves just one device where it has to be installed. The user can keep an eye on the target through any device they want.

The distance does not matter if you use WebWatcher, you can be states or even countries away and you would still be able to know what your target has been doing. You can set the software to record activities taking place in your absence and you view them whenever you feel like.

You can make sure no unwanted websites are being reached by the target by blocking them. You would be able to view the passwords being used, mails being sent or received and what not.

Final words

The apps and software mentioned above are the best options that can be used to hack devices and monitor activities going on inside the target phones. You can use these options to know how to hack someones text messages from anywhere anytime.

Hacking and tracking are not the easiest tasks but using such advanced but also affordable technology can help go about it without much struggle. Use them to keep an eye on the activities your employees, kids or spouses indulge in getting yourself the much needed mental peace today.

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