How to Hack an iPhone Remotely Without the Passcode?


A lot of people these days are interested to know how to hack an iPhone passcode. Though hacking iOS devices is quite difficult, there are still ways for you to do it.

If you are planning to hack a passcode keep in mind that you will need to use hacking apps or exploit various iOS gaps.

In this informative guide, you will learn the different methods/ways for hacking the passcode of an iPhone.

Hack iPhone passcode without computer or iTunes

If you don’t have any plans of using either iTunes or a computer to hack a passcode, then this method is for you.

In case you didn’t know, Apple offers a free service known as the Find My Phone that can be used to locate lost iOS devices. While you can also utilize it to erase linked devices remotely, in this way, you’ll be able to remotely restore an iPhone and of course, open it in the end. 

However, keep in mind that this app needs to be switched on beforehand. What’s more, you must know the linked account’s iCloud credentials and more importantly, the devices must be connected to the internet. 

If you already meet all the requirements, follow the steps below to conduct an iPhone passcode hack.

  • Using any smartphone, go to the official website of iCloud. But if you’re using an iOS device you can also open the Find iPhone application.
  • Log in to similar account which is linked to the device of your target by entering the correct credentials.
  • After signing, all the connected devices will be shown. From here, simply pick the device you want to hack. This will load the iPhone’s present location automatically.
  • Click on the “Action” button at the bottom of your screen.
  • From the given options tap on “Erase iPhone.”

How to Hack into an iPhone from a Computer

The majority of iOS users know what an iTunes is. But did you know that you can use it to hack an iPhone password? Well, it is true.

To conduct a password hack using iTunes, the iPhone must be in the recovery mode. What’s more, you must know that it’ll restore the device as well as eliminate the data during the process.

To begin, on your computer or MAC, launch iTunes, make sure that it is an updated version. After which, boot the iPhone in the recovery mode. Keep in mind that the combination of keys will differ among the different models of iPhones.

For iPhone 8 and latest models

Connect your device to the system and then hold the Volume Up key and release it after a couple of seconds. After that, do the same thing for the volume down key. Press the side button and once the symbol of iTunes pops up in your screen let go of the button.

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For iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

Press the Power and volume down buttons at the same time while connecting your device to the cable. When the symbol of iTunes appears, let go of the buttons.

For iPhone 6 and lower models

While pressing the Power and Home Keys, connect your device to the system simultaneously. Likewise, let go of the keys once the symbol of the iTunes appears.

How to Hack an iPhone remotely?

When it comes to Finding my Phone and iTunes you need to go through a lot of processes and hassle. One way to escape these hassles of hacking a password is by using one of the best spying apps for the iPhone like NEXSPY.

NEXSPY is highly reliable and easy to use hack apps iOs. Aside from that, it works well with the leading iOS devices. By simply following the instructions that can be found on NEXSPY’s official website you will be able to hack someone’s phone passcode. 

Generally speaking, hacking passwords is swinging near what we would call the black hat side of technical support, but it is common for a person to forget his/her password. In such instances, you will have to get around the passcode so that you will be able to utilize your own phone. Nothing risky about it.

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If you are reading this article because you stole an iOS device and found out that has a passcode, the cops have been notified already and they’re on their way to your place. To be frank, this article will not help you.


When it comes to hacking an iPhone passcode, there are lots of ways that you can try. However, the ways mentioned above shouldn’t be used for fooling other people.

Nevertheless, with the development of technology, new hacking ways and solutions are sure to come. So stay tuned especially if you want to become a good hacker. We hope that you have learned a lot from this post.

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