How to Hack Android Phone Using Another Android Phone?


In today’s day and age, hacking has transmitted from a computer to a mobile phone due to the fast development of mobile technology. In case you didn’t know, hacking becomes the favorite fad of hackers and even technology geeks. What’s more, they can apply all the methods for Android hacks.

Are you wondering how to hack Android phones? If yes, then this is for you. Today, in this post, we will discuss to you how to hack someone’s phone using a hacking app. But before anything else, let’s see why hacking an Android phone is a lot easier compared to other operating systems.


Why is hacking an Android phone easier?

According to security researchers, hacking an Android phone is much easier as compared to other OS due to its malware opening and security problems. In fact, even hackers may spy on your phone by simply sending an MMS or SMS that may crack your device’s system.

On the other hand, a lot of hackers presented remote access applications to hack that may help in retrieving your personal details as well as let the hacker get into your phone. Further, these tools will be able to access your phonebook entries, passwords, call logs, and even pictures from your gallery.


How to hack an Android phone?

Honestly speaking, learning how to hack a cell phone is not as difficult as you think. With the existence of various hacking apps, this task becomes a lot easier as we have mentioned a while ago.

When hacking a phone using an app, actually, you don’t have to become a tech-savvy. In fact, hacking can be performed from a computer or a different Android device that will be connected to the phone of the target thru the Internet.

The majority of tools used for hacking Android devices aren’t accessible in the Google Play Store. Instead, you will see their APK files to download which are usually found on their respective website.


To hack someone else’s Android phone using a hacking app like NEXSPY, you need to download it from the app’s website and install to the target device. To do that, you need to go to the victim’s phone Setting > Security and then enable allow installation from Unknown Sources.

After the installation process, you can now start monitoring your target using your phone. Also, make sure to delete the browser and download history from the victim’s phone so that he/she won’t find out that someone installed a strange app on his/her device.

However, if you’re planning to use an app to spy on your partner, we are advising you not to do it. Why? Because it is against the law and it may put you in danger. You may, however, legally install the spy app on your child’s phone to protect them.

How to Hack Someone’s Phone Camera Remotely?

IP Webcam

Here, the first in our list is IP Webcam. This is an advanced tool that basically turns your phone to sort of a CCTV camera and lets you view the surroundings in real-time on another device.

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There are multiple IP Webcam apps available from different companies, while all of them do great what they supposed to do which is make the phone camera to a CCTV camera, not every one of them work stealthily to be marked as a spy tool.


You can search on the Google Play Store to find an appropriate spy IP Webcam app to install on the target phone. There are some unique features like cloud storage, saving the video in multiple formats like MOV, MKV, MP4, etc. which make this tool a useful spy monitoring app.

One thing should be noted, the Android version of the target phone should be 4.1 or higher. The best thing is the tools that are available in the Play Store are mostly free and ad-supported. If you think the ads are too intrusive, you can pay a little bit to remove the ads.

Best Apps for Hacking Android Phones

Here are the top 6 Android hacking apps/tools available today.


This app is like the gold standard when it comes to spy tools. As per our testing, it is by far one of the best, if not the best spy app for Android device. The features it has are most diverse among all the apps in the same category, plus it costs less than most of the other spy tools.

Apart from offering the standard functionalities, such as call recording, SMS, email, and web monitoring, it further provides facilities like GPS tracking, spying on installed messaging apps (Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, Line, WeChat, Kik, etc.), and social media (Facebook) monitoring.

NEXSPY is extremely useful if you want a more versatile and one-stop solution for multiple devices. People don’t use only one device for their communications, research shows that more than 50% of people who use a smartphone, also use another device like a PC for their work and entertainment.


This is the age of multi-device, so spying on one’s phone can’t be an ultimate solution. NEXSPY is compatible with Android, iPhone, iPad, PC, and Mac – it basically covers every possible consumer communication device you can imagine.

There’s no other spy tool that provides such flexibility, so that’s something we have to give it to the NEXSPY developers. With NEXSPY, you just subscribe to one app, and you’re all set – there’s no need for managing multiple apps for multiple devices, and handling various different subscriptions.

Talking about subscription, NEXSPY did a fantastic job thereby keeping the price affordable compared to its competitors. $39 a month for the monthly subscription, $29 per month for the quarterly, and $19/month for an annual subscription – these prices are absolutely reasonable if we consider the how many unique features they are offering.


Unlike the IP Webcam, which is merely a phone camera spy tool, Flexispy is indeed a full-fledged spy app with a vast set of functionalities, including hacking phone text messages remotely. This is, however, not for casual usage, and definitely not free. Unless you have real worries and need to use such an advanced tool, it will hurt your pocket a bit.

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So, let’s assume you’re not sure about your partner and you suspect he or she is having an affair behind your back. Or you’re a busy parent and not feeling safe while your kid is alone or with his/her friends and you want to know what he or she is up to. Or perhaps you’re an employer and want to keep an eye on your employees to be sure they are doing their job they’re supposed to do and not mishandling sensitive business documents.


There can be multiple such reasons when you need a no-fuss solution to monitor the activities of people who matter to you, your life and business. Flexispy offers you many useful features so that you can do exactly that – spying on their online and offline activities using their phones, stealthily.

With Flexispy, you can hear every call they make, every SMS they send, every email they receive, every website they view, and every photo or video they share on social media.

Having said that, as mentioned earlier, it’s not a free solution; instead, you have to pay $30 per month (premium) or $80 quarterly (extreme version) to get all the benefits it offers.


mSpy is one of the best and most popular hidden hacking tools for Android devices. This one fid very easy to set up and reliable. But aside from that, it will work on both non-rooted and rooted Android phones.

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mSpy , on the other hand, run in the background and in fact, it isn’t visible on the target’s phone. So if you’re planning to use for your kids, they will not know what you’re hacking their device.


Nevertheless, with this app, you’ll see what your target is doing as well as who they are chatting and talking to on their smartphone and social media. In addition to that, mSpy is also capable of reading text messages and email, recording phone calls, and capturing the keystrokes. One more thing, this app is very easy to install and affordable.

Web Watcher

Usually, WebWatcher is utilized by employers as well as parents. Similar to the first app, the Web Watcher is also capable of recording keystrokes, information, and among others. 

Moreover, it will take snapshots automatically most especially if the victim types a particular word and alerts you instantly.

The only downside of the Web Watcher is that it is pretty expensive.


AndroRAT has been around for a couple of years and it is totally free. This hacking app will let you control an Android device remotely and obtain various information from that. But before you can gain access to AndroidRAT you need to boot your device.


XNSPY is designed for employers who want to monitor their online activity during working hours. What’s more, it can be also used by parents who want to ensure that their kids will not be exposed to unnecessary content. Further, with XNSPY, you can read emails and text, and listen to the conversations remotely.



As you can see there are lots of apps that you can use for hacking someone’s Android phone. So if you’re confused which one to use, then look no further than the NEXSPY app.