How to Hack an iPhone Remotely?


These days, questions like “How to hack into someone’s iPhone?” are very common. For various reasons, a lot of people want to do this. If you want to find out the answer to this question we’re recommending you to read this content until the end.

Hacking someone’s iPhone is possible. On the internet, there are tons of apps available which allow you to hack someone’s phone. A lot of people are in the search of the best ways possible to hack or spy on other devices without them knowing. Such apps allow people to avoid wasting a lot of money for buying spying gadgets.

Due to lots of hacking apps available out there, choosing the right one that can offer great results can be very confusing. So to narrow down your options, we’ve compiled the top 3 best apps that you can use for spying an iPhone.

3 Ways to Hack into an iPhone Without the Passcode


If you’re looking for a fully anonymous and 100% invisible app then this one is for you. NEXSPY is considered one of the most well-known apps for hacking as it is packed with a lot of advanced features.

This app has an excellent stealth camera that allows you to take control over the camera of your target phone. With this amazing feature, every time a photo is taken with the target’s phone camera, the photo will be sent to you directly.

On the other hand, if you want to hack on someone’s phone to spy on text messages NEXSPY can help you as well. This app is also capable of keeping track and recording text messages that include the name and phone number of the users, date and time of sending and receiving the messages.

Furthermore, with this application, you will be able to keep an eye on the social media and internet activity of the target’s phone. As you can see NEXSPY has a lot more to offer. So if you want to use this app, simply follow the instructions below.

Step 1: Purchase NEXSPY

Visit NEXSPY’s official website, choose a subscription and then complete your payment. After which check your email address for the login credentials.

Step 2: Install and activate the app

Using the login credentials you have received, login to your account. Then install the app on your target phone by following the given instructions.

Step 3: Start monitoring

Once the installation is completed, you can now view all the activities and data of your target phone from your account.


FoneMonitor is a hacking app that will let people know what other individuals are doing most especially with their phone cameras. This app, on the other hand, is specially designed for businesses as well as parents. Parents can make use of FoneMonitor to protect their children against harmful threats.

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One of the best things about this app is that it’s compatible with devices running on OS like iOS and Android. All you need to do this is download and install it on your target device. Additionally, with this app, you can access messages and track your location in real-time.


TTSPY is a hacking app for iPhone and Android devices that offers a real-time monitoring function like monitoring with the use of their back and front camera. As a matter of fact, this app has the feature to access anybody’s front and back camera.

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TTSPY can be downloaded through third-party apps with ease. What’s more, it doesn’t require to jailbreak your iOS device and root your Android. The moment you’ve successfully downloaded it, you can immediately start using this feature. All you need to do is register the phone number that you want to track.

Further, with this app you can take screenshots of the live camera for future evidence in the case of employees talking to competitors or your children are having fun with the wrong people. Also, with TTSPY you’ll know that your children or employees are talking with the right people and at the right place.

This feature, however, is pretty easy to use. Nowadays, children may think that they’re more tech-savvy compared to their parents but the interface of this app that is user-friendly will help in ensuring that the parents will be able to use TTSPY to its full potential.

Best Apps for Hacking Someone’s iPhone 

As you can see there are lots of apps that you can use for hacking someone’s phone. However, among these three NEXSPY is truly the real champion. Because aside from having a stealth camera and other advanced features it is also available in a very affordable price tag.

What’s more, it is compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems, and more importantly, it is very easy to install and use. Hopefully, this content about how to hack someone’s iPhone has helped you a lot.

How to Hack an iPhone from a computer ?

How to hack iPhone Passcode? – a lot of individuals ask this question. This just means that a lot of people are really looking for ways on how to hack an iPhone passcode. Even though it is hard to hack an iOS device, you can make it work nonetheless. In this guide, we will tell you how to hack an iPhone passcode with or without using a computer.

How to hack iPhone passcode using a computer?

Due to the fact that most iPhone users are familiar with iTunes already, we’ll begin with it. To perform an iPhone passcode hack using iTunes, the device must be in its recovery mode. Further, you must also know that this may restore the device and remove its data during the process.

To begin with, simply launch the updated version of iTunes on your Windows or Mac. After, boot the iOS device in its recovery mode. The key combination might slightly differ amongst different models of the iPhone.

For iPhone 8 and newer models: Connect the iPhone into the system and press the volume up key quickly (hold the key for one second and release it). After releasing, quickly press the volume down key. Press the slide button and then release it once the iTunes symbol will appear on the screen.

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For iPhone 7 and 7 Plus: Press the power button and volume down key simultaneously while connecting the phone to the cable. Doing this, the connect-to-iTunes symbol will appear on the phone’s screen. Let go of the keys after this.

For iPhone 6s and older models: Connect the iPhone to the system while pressing the power and home keys simultaneously. In a second or two, the iTunes symbol will appear on the screen. Let go of the keys after.

In no time, iTunes may detect that the device has already entered the Recovery Mode and might display a prompt. Simply agree to it and choose to restore the device. Through this technique, you may be able to study ways on how to hack into an iPhone passcode. The phone will then be rebooted without the lock screen.

How to hack iPhone passcode without using a computer?

If you do not want to use iTunes or a computer to hack the iPhone passcode, then this might be a perfect solution. As you may know, Apple Inc. provides ‘Find my iPhone – a freely available service to locate a lost iPhone.

Even though, you may also use it in remotely erasing a linked device. Through this approach, you may remotely restore an iPhone and unlock it in the end.

There’s no need to say that the Find my iPhone service must be turned on in advance on the phone. Further, you also need to know the iCloud credentials of the connected account. The phone should also be connected to the internet. If you’ve met the requirements, then follow the steps below to perform the iPhone passcode hack.

  • Step 1: Go to the official website of iCloud on another smartphone. If you have an iOS device, then you may launch the Find iPhone application too.
  • Step 2: Log-in the same account that’s already connected to the target phone by entering the proper credentials.
  • Step 3: A list of all the linked devices may be showed. Simply choose the device you want to hack.
  • Step 4: This may load the current location of the device automatically. Press on the ‘Actions’ buttons at the bottom part of the screen.
  • Step 5: From the options provided, click on ‘Erase iPhone’.
  • Step 6: Confirm your choice and wait for a moment as the iPhone will be remotely restored.

How to avoid your iPhone password from being hacked?

Now that you already know how to easily hack the iPhone passcode, you need to follow some more measures to protect your iPhone. Here are some ways on how you can prevent your iPhone password from being hacked.

Set a strong passcode: First, you need to make sure that your passcode is strong and is hard to guess. While setting up a new passcode for your device, visit the options and opt to create an alphanumeric code, since they are more difficult to crack.

Enable Find my iPhone: This service has its own pros and cons. Although, if you keep losing your phone, then you must certainly turn it on. Through this method, you might be able to remotely locate the device whenever you wish to.

Disable the lock screen notifications: By enabling the notifications on the phone’s lock, anyone might be able to access the device. You may go to the Touch ID or passcode setting on the phone and disable the notifications on the lock screen.

Enable the 2-factor authentication on iCloud: You may already know that the iCloud is fairly important and mustn’t be hacked by anyone. In order to protect it, go to the security settings and turn the 2-factor authentication on. This will make it much harder for hackers to hack your account.

Now that you already know how to hack an iPhone passcode with or without a computer, you may now easily crack any device. But make sure that you don’t lose your ethics on doing this! Hack with proper precautions and just when it is necessary to do so. Hack lawfully, hack responsibly.