How to Hack Samsung Phone Without Them Knowing?


Ever since the advent of smartphones, people have been able to increase their level of privacy. From what used to be a drawer with a lock and all the important documents, it has come to one small gadget that people get to keep with them at all times.

This makes it easier to protect privacy; and since people get to use them alone and on a small screen, they get a chance of spending more time on it and hiding stuff on it as well.

Sounds good right? Wrong, because such cases can be worrisome to parents and employers as they don’t know what trouble their kids/staff can be in. let’s take a look at it from the eyes of these two:


From a parents point of view

A parent, especially those with teenagers, need to be extra vigilant about the whereabouts and the current happenings in their children’s lives.

With the increase in suicide, bullying (including cyberbullying), shooting rates, it has become imperative that parents keep a check on their kids.

Checking their phones and their conversations with others, their search history will help them understand their kids’ mental health, and if interference is required.


From an employer’s point of view

Working in a big organization means that the management cannot possibly track what every employee is doing every minute of the day and still have time for actual work. Many employees, in their cubicles or offices, can easily waste a bunch of their productive time on the phone. This means that the company will have to bear the loss and the employees get to enjoy time on social media and talking to other people.

Thus, many companies choose to opt for apps that allow them to monitor their employees’ time spent on the phone. The HR department or the manager of that department is responsible to keep a check on the apps.


How to hack a Samsung phone?

The best way to overcome these issues to look for how to remotely hack a Samsung phone. As the name suggests, you will only be able to keep a tab of Samsung phone with these apps (and a few Android phones as well); if your child or employee has another brand, then you may want to look up how to hack Android phone remotely.

However, most phone apps allow you to hack a phone with just a number, but if you are dealing with an unrooted Android device, then you will need more than just the number, you will need the carrier and the IMEI number.

Using someone’s phone number to hack their phone is not impossible, but it does matter on the type of phone being used. For example, for an iPhone, you can check up on other phones connected to iCloud. But for Samsung and other Android phones, it is necessary to have a third party help to do so; this third party includes various phone apps.


How to remotely hack a Samsung phone?

It is not easy to hack a phone, especially for beginners. But to even attempt it, you need the right tools to help in the process. These tools need to be reliable with good reviews.

To allow people to hack a phone text messages, apps have been created with additional features that allow you to get into someone’s phone. But you cannot just pick any hacking app, you need to be thorough with your research and make sure you land with the right one.

To make it easier for you, we have managed to find a couple of great spying apps; more specifically the three apps are NEXSPY, mSpy, and WebWatcher. You can look at the features of all these and choose the best one suited for your needs.


NEXSPY is one of the best monitoring software you will find, NXSPY is the perfect fit for smartphones, computers, and tablets as well. The app allows employers and parents to keep a tab on the phones and the happenings inside it.


This app offers access to:

  • Call logs
  • Messages
  • Social media
  • GPS location
  • App usage
  • Photos and videos
  • Web activity
  • Keylogger

Using this app is quite easy, just need to follow three simple steps:

  1. Purchase their license and create and log in to your account.
  2. Install the app on the phone you want to hack.
  3. View the data you want to from your screen.


mSpy is another one of the best Samsung phone hacks that you can use; it is mostly used by parents and employers. The app allows access to GPS location, WhatsApp, Snapchat, texts, calls, social media, etc.

The app works by collecting all the information from the targeted device and sending that to the control panel of the main account. The account can be accessed from any browser.


The app runs of Android 4.0+ (either rooted or not rooted) and iOS platforms. The app is very easy to use and they offer 24/7 customer support, all at affordable prices.

The steps involved in using this app are:

  1. Buy the app from the app store
  2. Install it in your phone, create an account, log in, and set up.
  3. Install the app on the targeted phone.
  4. Go to the control panel and start your monitoring.

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Another popular app that allows parents to keep an eye on the activity of their children, and employers on their employees; the app ensures that it gets all the data from the target gadget to the main account.

The account is secured and it can easily be accessed from any other device. The app can easily work on any Android, iOS, and computers. The app comes with a lot of features that ensure that you can safely monitor your child’s activity. It allows access to calls, gallery, histories, GPS, social media, texts, and others.

WebWatcher is one of the popular parental control apps for kid`s devices monitoring. This app captures all the data from the target device and displays it on the secure web-based account so that you can assess it remotely from any device at your convenience.


It is compatible with Android and iOS (iPhones, Mac), PC and has an impressive number of features to monitor text messages (texts, Facebook and other social media messengers), call logs, photos, Web history, GPS and access other features.

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WebWatcher helps to protect kids while they surf the Net, play games, and communicate with their friends online.

The steps for using this app are:

  1. Sign up and purchase the package best suited for you. 
  2. Monitor the activity on the other device after installation. 
  3. Start your monitoring; all the data will be available on your account.