How To Hack Someone’s Phone With Just Their Number?


Many a time, people keep asking the question “How to hack a phone with just the number?” And there are valid reasons for it. They could be parents trying to check on their children’s phone activity, employers wanting to keep a tab on their employees, or even a protective wife or husband. Though hacking a phone is not recommendable, there are days when desperate times call for desperate measures!

Is it possible to hack a phone number with just the number?

So if one is wondering whether it is possible to hack a phone with just the number, the answer is no! But relax, because there are spy apps that can help one hack a phone and – let’s admit it – put one’s mind at ease. Just a small caution though, that it is not recommendable to hack a phone without the prior consent of the owner and of course, as mentioned above, should be done for valid reasons only.

This is where the heart of this article is- ways to hack someone’s phone! Read on to know how to hack someone’s Android phone and how to hack an iPhone.

Hack someone’s phone with just their number using NEXSPY

If one were to hack someone’s phone, NEXSPY is the one-stop solution and probably one of the best monitoring software. From parental control to employee monitoring, NEXSPY covers all areas from monitoring text messages to social media like Facebook.


Easy to start with three steps

A NEXSPY Premium license is all you need to get started. On purchasing the license, you will receive login credentials via email, which will have all the necessary instructions.

After following the given instructions, you can install NEXSPY on the target phone for which you will need access to it. The installation process may take up to ten minutes.

After installing NEXSPY, you can now supervise the target phone, which offers more than 50 features and is guaranteed to satisfy your monitoring requirements. Keep in mind, however, that it is essential to use a genuine email address for verification purpose. 

Features of NEXSPY


NEXSPY will help you spy text messages both sent and received and even emails.

NEXSPY dashboard


With NEXSPY, you can monitor call logs in detail while also getting access to the person’s contacts list. You can even record calls made with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) applications.


Probably one of the best features of monitoring software is access to all social media chatting applications! From Facebook Messenger to Whatsapp, Hike Messenger to Instagram, NEXSPY helps view all the messages, multimedia files, direct messages, uploaded photos, and view the call logs on these apps. 


With GPS Location, NEXSPY also helps keep a track on the person while giving an accurate location. You can also be up to date with the person’s location as it provides a history log of the target’s location.

NEXSPY dashboard 1

Online activity

NEXSPY helps keep a check on the browser history by giving details of the websites the target visits along with the date and time. It also gives access to bookmarked websites. Lastly, it provides a list of the connected networks on the target phone in details.

Media files

With NEXSPY, you can view and even download photos, videos, and audio files which the target sends or receives on his or her phone. 


NEXSPY gives a list of all the installed apps on the target phone while also monitoring the usage of each of these apps. Get access to the target phone’s calendar and notes to know if there are any marked important events or locations one has to get to at a particular day and time. You can also keep a check on the target phone’s battery status and get to know which app uses the maximum battery.


NEXSPY will alert you as soon as a change of SIM card takes place on the target phone. There is also the caller ID alert and keyword alert which will help notify one when a particular number contacts the target phone or when the target types or receives a specific keyword on messages respectively. 


Hidden mode

With NEXSPY’s hidden mode, you can opt to hide the icon from the target phone’s screen and list of applications. You can also uninstall the software or even restart the phone without any notification.


It is essential to know which devices are compatible with NEXSPY before purchasing the software license, and the target phone must be in hand while installing the software. It is also pertinent that the target phone has access to the internet.

  • Android

NEXSPY is compatible with Android versions 4.0.3-9. 

  • iOS

NEXSPY is compatible with all versions of iPhone up to 11.4.1.

Hack someone’s iPhone using mSpy

Now that hacking someone’s Android phone has become more or less easy, the question arises as to how to hack an iPhone. Installing mSpy will help you monitor the target’s iPhone.


Steps to monitor with mSpy

To get a hold of the mSpy software, you will have to select one of the mSpy subscription forms. After filling up the form and completing the payment, you will receive an email which will have instructions for installation.

After following the instructions, download and install mSpy on the target’s iPhone. 

Upon installation, log in to mSpy Control Panel. From here, you can start monitoring calls, messages, and all other activities on the target’s iPhone.


mSpy with Jailbreak

For installing mSpy on iPhone with Jailbreak, it is essential to have the target phone in hand. Also, it needs to have an internet connection.

  • It is compatible with iOS versions 7-9.1.
  • mSpy helps monitor social media apps like Snapchat and WhatsApp while providing a block option for the apps. It also monitors call logs with the option to block specific numbers.
  • It allows you to locate the target phone’s current location with geo-fencing.
  • Gives access to text messages and emails, even the deleted ones.
  • It helps monitor the usage of internet and gives access to one’s calendar and notes.

mSpy without Jailbreak

To install mSpy on iPhone without Jailbreak, you do not necessarily need to have access to the target phone. What you require are the target’s Apple ID and password. However, in case the iCloud backup has not been activated or a two-step verification process has been set up, you will need to have access to the iPhone.

  • It is compatible with all versions of iOS.
  • It helps monitor calls, hacking text messages, and social media apps.
  • It gives access to the contact list of the target phone, as well as the browsing history and installed apps.
  • It allows you to check on the calendar and notes of the target phone.

So, next time you ask how to hack someone’s Android phone or how to hack an iPhone, you need not look further and simply install these monitoring apps to ensure safe monitoring of your children or employees.