Frontpoint Review: One Of The Best Home Security Systems


Frontpoint is a do-it-yourself home security system, which is easy to install and offers an extensive array of compatible accessories. It really works well, yet is priced somewhat higher than other competitors and having a monitoring contract is important.


Frontpoint is capable of providing topnotch customer service that is backed by 30 days money-back assurance for the home security system. The company’s number one mission is actually to provide on-top customer experience, as well as a smarter, safer, and meeker home security resolution. They do this with an extensive variety of wireless high-technology sensors.

Frontpoint: Mobile Application and Upgraded Technology

Frontpoint security makes a thorough effort in constantly improving their own technology. Their application gives you remote access and may let you in controlling the system from anywhere only with the use of your tablet or phone. Aside from the mobile application, the technology advances may extend to the control panels of the Frontpoint.

The current customers also have the chance of upgrading their current control panel (Simon XT) through the Control Panel (IQ Touch-Screen) from Qolsys. The new customers may now also have the choice in purchasing touch-screen control panel as a certain way in receiving and upgrading the up-to-date technology for home security.


This particular control panel is also attuned with all of the current sensors of Frontpoint and is actually designed to be capable of supporting the newest advancements in technology made in monitoring and sensors. These features of the updated control panel may include the following:

  • Camera smartphone application and front-facing camera
  • Weather application
  • SD card slot and customizable photo frame screensaver
  • Tabletop stand and wall-mount kit
  • 24-hour li-on backup battery
  • 91dBa internal siren
  • Supports up to about 39 sensors
  • 7-in LCD resistive touchscreen with 800*480 resolution

As you can see, they are of high-quality and will surely provide a high-quality service for you.


The monitoring and equipment cost of Frontpoint is very competitive with some other top security companies out there. They offer home security monitoring amenities in three different packages wherein customers can choose from either interactive monitoring, ultimate monitoring, or protection monitoring. 

The aforementioned Frontpoint systems all have a regular fee for the professional monitoring, yet that price isn’t revealed on their website since the prices might vary contingent to each specific home. Nonetheless, we’re able to obtain some numbers of the standard charges of alarm checking. The once-a-month charge may range from $34.99 to 49.99.


The Frontpoint security systems actually are cellular watching/monitoring services that are of 100% high quality, with a much higher valued choice offering some additional appendages like video surveillance monitoring and home mechanization for smart household devices. The mobile application is also contained only within the Ultimate and Interactive plan and you may need a mobile device in order for you to have access to it.

The contracts are also available for a whole year and even in the 36-month period. Nonetheless, there is also a $99 least equipment acquisition. Comprehensive, pre-made security packages may range from about $199.95 to $349.95. The customers may own all of the Frontpoint gear that they have purchased and will have 30 days, danger-free trial. In case you’re not happy with the alarm methods, you might get money back as well.

Frontpoint Interactive Monitoring includes:

  • 100% cellular monitoring services
  • Intrusion
  • Life safety
  • Fire
  • Environmental
  • 24/7 Professional Monitoring

Plus interactive features like:

  • Crash and smash
  • Geo-services
  • Light controls
  • Frontpoint smartphone application
  • Remote access and control
  • Text and e-mail alerts

Unlike some other security corporations, the wireless home security system of Frontpoint utilizes a simpler style of monitoring options. Their system will surely not go down when the line or the internet flops and all the communication is actually built through the method itself.

Frontpoint Pros and Cons


The devices and equipment of Frontpoint are easy to install. There are also no installation fees, and they understand the value of thorough customer service. Amongst the major selling points, which help in minimizing the consumer risk is the 30 days money-back guarantee they have, so their customer may try the systems out and will see for themselves. This appears that they may satisfy most of the customers. The company also has a loyal following and their customers have constantly rated them so high and loved their services.

Amongst to the best features of Frontpoint include:

  • Home Automation Options
  • Positive Reviews
  • Moving Options
  • Crash and Smash
  • Easy to install
  • Upfront pricing
  • Integrated Skybell Video Doorbell Camera, which is available with Frontpoint’s Ultimate plan
  • Mobile Application and an Upgraded Technology
  • 100% Cellular Monitoring and Wireless Security Equipment
  • Cost


Just like all things in this world, Frontpoint also has its own bad sides. These include the following:

  • Time in Business- Frontpoint was founded in 2007. They keep on improving their own service every year, yet they aren’t as established as some other companies out there who have already been in the industry for many decades.
  • Frontpoint Security Equipment Warranty- Frontpoint just offers 3 years warranty on all their equipment. A lot of other competitors may offer a lifetime warranty for their equipment.
  • Upfront Costs- Though Frontpoint’s equipment charges start at $99, they might actually reach a cost that is as high as $499 when you opted to exalted packages.

Final Say

Frontpoint is amongst the best when it comes to customer service, as well as those who look to using their home safety system and their devices cannot go wrong. In case they do, they are highly rated as well on different sites, plus there are multitudes of 5-star marks. They may all layout all of their own information evidently on the website. They also provide prodigious customer service, 30-day danger-free guarantee, no hidden charges, and high-quality equipment and technology. There’s a reason they’re amongst the finest companies that you can work with.

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