Can Someone Hack My Phone And Read My Texts?


Nowadays, everyone from small kids to grandparents uses text messaging as their way of communicating with people. Although the majority of text messages are merely us being social, there are so many times when that isn’t the case.

Every once in a while, people text when they aren’t meant to, just as while working or driving. As a matter of fact, there are so many reasons why you might need to know what and who someone is texting. Nonetheless, numerous people ask, “Can someone hack my phone without having my phone physically?


Well, the answer to that question is –yes, it is possible for someone to hack your phone without any physical access to it. With the modern technology that we have today, almost anything is possible already.

In this post, we are going to tackle and try to answer a common question that people ask about hacking. “Can someone hack my phone and read my texts?” You might also be asking the very same question, don’t you? Let us know the answer –read on to this article!

Can someone read my text messages from their phones?

Do you want to know if someone can hack your phone and read your text messages? Well, as we said earlier, in today’s day and age, nothing’s impossible and there’s always a way for each problem. Hacking someone’s phone can be done in so many ways. However, one thing’s sure that each person who’s hacking your device is someone you might know. So to answer the question above, yes, someone can really read your text messages from their phone, especially when they hack your phone.

Furthermore, if your phone is hacked, you may notice unusual activity. In case a hacker gets access to your phone, they might access all of your installed applications. This just means that everything from apps, up to your messages –they can open and read.


If you happen to notice something very unusual –accounts you did not create, emails that you did not send, or see any unusual activity on any application on your phone, it might mean that your phone is tapped.

If you experience this, it is important to prevent identity fraud, since criminals might open the credit on your name through your accounts. You should change passwords the instant you notice something’s wrong, and then run some security sweep program, in order to check all the applications of your phone.

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Ways intruders use to hack your phone and read your texts

The technology we have nowadays has progressed largely. Having said that, there are now lots of ways of hacking someone’s text messages. Below are some ways someone can use in hacking your phone:

Spy or hacking tools

Spy or hacking apps are now so popular worldwide to hack other people’s devices, as well as their data. Online, various spy tools are so effective and powerful – these may hack any sort of information about target devices like social media applications, web browsers, location, videos, images, and text messages.


Therefore, nothing’s left which can’t be monitored by hidden spy apps. These spy or hacking tools can provide comprehensive remote access of your phone to a hacker.

How to avoid:

  • Do not give your phone to a person that you don’t trust or have doubts about not using your phone data properly.
  • Do not give your personal information to anyone –may it be your family or friends.

SS7 vulnerability

Signaling System 7 Vulnerability means someone may listen to your calls, track your location, and read your texts with only your phone number. This way can be used by people who know your number. Remember, special programs and bots are designed by individuals who may hack someone’s phone even with numbers only.

How to avoid:

  • Use social media applications that are encrypted, just like WhatsApp.
  • Make your phone data encrypted –this will make your phone much more difficult to hack.
  • Do not give your number to any random individual.


This is a process of gather sensitive information of a certain person. A lot of people use this way to breaking someone’s phone privacy. Furthermore, phishing via messages is also done so commonly.

In this way, a person may send a random text message –when you click on it, a malicious application may download automatically on your phone. This helps someone in seeing your phone data. You may ask, can someone hack my phone by texting me? Well, there is actually a possibility for that –if you do click on the message’s link.

How to avoid:

  • Never open messages from someone you do not know.
  • If you happen to open a message, avoid clicking on the link that’s in it.

Unauthorized access to iCloud or Google account

A lot of people may get into your phone when they know your iCloud or Google account. Nowadays, it is common that people save their important data and information on these accounts. Using these accounts on different websites, it isn’t difficult for hackers to get your login credentials online.

How to avoid:

  • Enable your login notifications from a new computer or device.
  • Make a strong password for your accounts.

Open Wi-Fi network

A lot of people have a practice of connecting their phones to an open network, yet they don’t know what they’re actually giving a chance to someone for hacking their personal information.

Intruders make their Wi-Fi network open and they wait for someone to connect so they can enter into the target’s phone and read texts and acquire some other necessary data.


How to avoid:

  • Disable the option in your device that automatically connects your device into an open Wi-Fi network.
  • Do not connect your phone to an open network.

The goal of phone hacking apps

With the aid of cell phone hacking application or SMS tracking applications, someone may get access to all of your messages, in order to:

  • Monitor your Viber, WhatsApp, and iMessage conversations
  • Intercept instant messages through Facebook, Skype, etc.
  • Read incoming & outgoing emails
  • Keep track of all incoming & outgoing MMS and SMS

Aside from these features for monitoring texts, texting spy apps may also provide:

  • Listening to device surroundings through microphone
  • Remote control of the target device
  • Monitor gallery content.
  • Keylogging
  • Control internet browsing activities
  • Tracking calls
  • Tracking real-time GPS location of the target phone

How does someone hack a phone and send texts?

If you want to know how someone hacks a phone and send texts, below are different ways that intruders may use in hacking.


Social media

Hacking from social media applications has now become so common. If you are constantly receiving links that request you to click on them to win something, it might be some kind of a hacking program, in order to get into your device.

Most people who’ll do this are the ones known to you since they’ll know your phone number. If you’ve shown your number on the internet, then it’s easier for someone to hack your number. They can spoof your own number and may send text messages to you.


  • Never use your social media number for any sensitive stuff.
  • Do not click on any random links.

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Someone may send you an email with a download link or attachment. When you click on the link, it may actually hack your data like your phone number. It’s one of the most popular hacking software used all over the world. Intruders may even send a message to others by pretending to be you by getting to know your phone providers.



  • Do not use your email for any kind of stuff.
  • Do not open the link of an email that isn’t known to you.

Proxy Number

Hackers or intruders may use your number a proxy number and it’ll help them in sending texts to another person. When that person receives texts, it’ll show as it is from your phone number, even though the number that is used to send the message is different.


  • Make your phone data encrypted so that intruders can’t get your personal information easily.
  • Never give your phone and personal number to everyone.

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Final say

Because of the rapid advancement of technology, hacking someone’s text messages has now become so much easier than ever before. If you happen to notice something that you didn’t perform, then there’s an opportunity that someone may be hacking your phone.

If you think that there’s a malicious application installed on your phone, it is best to take it into a service center for some diagnostic tests. We hope that this guide has cleared all the doubts of many people who wish to know if can someone hack their phone and read their text messages.

Always be careful and aware of all the things you are doing with your phone. Do not post any important personal information on the web, especially in your social media accounts. A lot of intruders are just waiting for you to commit mistakes – hence, be cautious every time!

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