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Have you lately been wishing that there was an easy way to hack into someone’s phone? Have you ever wondered how to hack someone’s phone very easily? Or even hack their text messages even without access to the phone?

Perhaps you are frustrated with the rise in online hackers and are wondering what to do if your phone is hacked? There is a lot that an average person can learn from hacking apps that are easily available on iOS and Android marketplaces.

Many people nowadays are eager to try their hand at hacking. Or they want to learn how to defend themselves. So they are searching for easily available and easy-to-use hacking apps. However, due to the strict nature of the App Store, there are not many hacking apps available to iOS users.

In this list, we have tracked down and found the 10 best hacking apps for iOS based on safety and ease of access. All of them are very easy and simple to use and will help all users to easily hack into any phone.

10 Best Hacking Apps for iPhone


Launched in 2010 mSpy is available on multiple platforms. It is one of the best hacker apps for hacking an iPhone remotely. It can mainly be categorized as a phone spying software and is mainly marketed towards people such as parents. As they usually want to track the location and activity of their children. Online security is a very important issue for many parents. Children often find themselves a victim of online cyberbullying, stalking, hacking, etc. And this app can be used to counter those risks.

Using mSpy a user can track many activities of another person including the following:

  • Text messages they sent and received
  • Phone calls made and received on their phone
  • Their location at any moment
  • Their search history and social media chats
  • Pictures they’ve received or shared

The best thing about this app is that it is safe. It can be installed on anyone’s phone without being detected. It always runs in the background. 

It is beloved by parents around the world. It has numerous safety features and is easy to use. It is also useful for general hacking purposes. Such as screening calls or reading someone’s text messages without access to their phone. For these reasons over a very short period mSpy has quickly become one of the best spy apps for iPhone and Android today.


NEXSPY is another excellent hacking app for iOS and Android and it can also be used for tracking. It is widely used by parents to keep tabs on their children to keep them safe. Also by employers to make sure that their employees are being productive and making good use of time.

Currently, NEXSPY is based on a premium subscription fee model. But they also offer a 3-day free trial for just $0.99.

Below are some of NEXSPY’s features:

  • Tracks call logs and messages of any user
  • Has a unique keylogger rarely found in other competing apps
  • Has special Tinder and Instagram trackers
  • Shows photos and videos sent to the device as well as any apps installed
  • Tracks text messages sent and received on the device
  • Tracks Facebook and other internet usages as well as any emails sent and received
  • Shows the location of the user at any given time

The best part is that all of these features are completely legal and safe. And a very low chance of being caught as the app disappears into the background after installation. All that is required is a key that can be purchased through the website. 

It is also very cheap starting with a $19 a month subscription fee as the cheapest option. Many people consider this app to be one of the best available on iOS and Android today.

iRET – iOS Reverse Engineering Toolkit

iRET is a special toolkit that is available on iOS. It is more popular amongst advanced users and has much more features as compared to the rest of the competition. This is one of the best apps available on the App Store for app hacks on iOS.

This app is available on Cydia. This means highly complicated hacking procedures can be done right on the device itself. As a result, this app is highly popular with developers and technicians.

Here are some of the features available to any user who installs iRET through Cydia:

  • Binary Analysis Tab which shows information about the binary of the phone
  • Keychain Analysis Tab which shows details about the keys i.e. passwords, certificates, etc
  • Database Viewer Tab which shows information about the database of any app
  • Log Viewer Tab which displays all text and logs files present on the device
  • Plist Viewer Tab which shows property list files associated with the device

These features are extremely useful, especially in the right hands. They can be used to accomplish tasks such as hacking text messages on a phone. Even without even having access to it. It has proven to be a great utility for advanced hackers. It is one of the best app hacks on iOS but only if you can master it.

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iWep Pro

iWep Pro is another well-known hacking app available on iOS through Cydia. Jailbreak is required for this app. It is also available on Android. It is one of the best hacker apps for Android. It is very useful and has a wide range of features.

Its main feature is to bypass WEP/WPA password-protected networks. It allows anyone who has this app to use password-protected networks by completely bypassing the security.

It is also useful to detect any security vulnerabilities in your network while giving you the ability to resolve them. All it needs is a small donation made to the developers of the app after which the key to activate the app will be made available. This also makes this app one of the cheapest hacking apps on the market.

Due to its low cost and usefulness, it has quickly gained popularity in the hacking space. It is now used daily by thousands of people who describe it as extremely viable. It is no doubt an important tool for many hackers and tech-savvy people today.

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Cocospy is another one of the top downloaded apps for both iOS and Android. It can be used on iOS devices without jailbreak. It is very cheap, especially when compared to the competition. It is extremely convenient with a very small download size and excellent customer support.

Cocospy can be used to monitor the activities of the device on which it is installed. It offers a large array of features including:

  • Snapchat, Instagram, and WhatsApp spying
  • Monitoring Facebook messages
  • Tracking call logs of any device
  • Tracking the physical location of the device as well as the location of the SIM
  • SIM tracking which allows monitoring of text messages sent and received on the device
  • Browser history and internet usage

These features are highly sought after. They explain why Cocospy is a very popular spy app for Android and iOS. It is also quite dependable and safe as it only ever runs in the background. Plus it is not detectable by any software.


netKillUIbeta is a popular app that is widely used due to its convenience and usefulness. Its main feature is the ability to manage your network and Wi-Fi to see the devices which are connected. As well as terminate these connections where necessary.

This app is available on Android and pc as well as on jailbroken iOS devices. It has rapidly gained popularity due to its availability and convenience.

As many people know security and privacy are pressing concerns in this day and age. However, security is not always guaranteed online. This is because of the high prevalence of hacking tools available to everyday people. This is what netKillUIbeta is trying to remedy.

The issue of security especially Wi-Fi security is a common issue. Many people worry about this issue these days. And for that reason, netKillUIbeta is extremely useful. This app can be used to terminate unwanted connections. Such as neighbors that have guessed the password to your Wi-Fi or other users who have hacked into it.

This app is free and is available on many platforms. Many people can download and use it today.

Myriam iOS Security App

Myriam iOS Security App as the name suggests is available on iOS devices. Its main use is as a practice tool for aspiring hackers. Downloading this app allows you to see many loopholes which are baked into the iOS software. And by practicing hacking into them you can increase your skills as a hacker.

This app terms the various loopholes in iOS as “challenges”. And these challenges can only be solved by hacking into the system.

This training also helps users in understanding hacking risks and staying safe.  A lot of people often wonder how to combat hackers and what to do if your phone is hacked.

It is very helpful as a training tool. It helps build skills that can be used for more complicated hacking procedures.


FlexiSPY is yet another dependable hacking app. It was first developed and released in 2006 by FlexiSPY Ltd. Over the years since this app has branched out into virtually every platform. They include Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows.

This app created a lot of buzz when it was initially launched over a decade ago. It is still one of the most popular hacker apps on Android and iOS. It allows users to install this app on a device to track several different activities. The activities this app can track include:

  • Applications that are installed in the device 
  • How installed apps are being used
  • Any communication is done through the device including text messages and emails
  • Call logs and calls being made on the device can be recorded
  • Location of the device at any given moment
  • Social media usage and messages that are exchanged on popular platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, etc.
  • Media which is installed on the device such as photos and videos
  • Internet usage and browser history

FlexiSPY also has a reputation for a high level of discreteness and dependability. This is perhaps best shown by the commitments they have made. They offer a home delivery service. A device with this software preinstalled is delivered right to your doorstep. 

The developers of this app made sure that the user interface of this app is as simple as possible. This is perhaps a big factor in the app’s widespread popularity.

This app is also highly convenient because it can be remotely installed on any device of your choosing. And it always runs in the background.

It is one of the cheapest entries on this list. They frequently offer discounts at its already low price.


iKeyMonitor is a famous hacker app for iOS and Android. It was developed by a London-based tech company. It was initially released on Cydia during the year 2012 and later on vanilla iOS in 2017. It was also released on Android in 2014. And since then has firmly established itself as a leading hacker app for Android.

It is a tracking app that is widely used by parents to keep tabs on their children and by employers to check productivity levels in their employees.

It is useful as a preventive tool against stalking, cyberbullying, and online sexual harassment which many kids face today. For this reason, it is beloved by many parents. They use its many features including location tracking. This is to make sure that their children are always safe.

It offers many features to users to keep tabs on children or employees including the following:

  • It tracks SMS messages sent and received by the user
  • It tracks social media usage and messages sent and received on many popular platforms including WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Tinder, etc
  • It tracks call logs of users and has the additional feature of being able to record phone calls
  • It tracks browser history such as websites visited as well as search history
  • It shows all media such as photos and videos that are stored on the device
  • It shows every app installed on the device and the usage of these apps
  • Location tracking is also possible

It also has features that will be very helpful for parents. Features include an app blocker, screen time limit, and a scheduler. These features are exceptionally useful for any parent who is worried about their child’s access to the internet. It is also very easy to use this is used regularly by thousands of people.

It is discrete and tamper-proof. As it always runs in the background it cannot easily be detected.

iKeyMonitor is available on both Android and iOS for a small fee. It has even more features depending on if the phone it is installed on is rooted or jailbroken.

Highster Mobile

Highster Mobile another convenient hacking app offers many features such as the ability to hack text messages without access to the phone. It offers a wide range of features that appeal to most people with a mobile device. Above all, it is easy to use.

Its main function is to track the devices of different individuals. It offers a lot of services that make Highster Mobile perfect for employers and parents alike. It offers a data backup service that can be used to back up all important data such as photos, videos, profiles, passwords, etc. This is one of its important and highly sought-after features.

Its popularity is owed to its wide variety of features as well as its convenience. People who download this app to track a device have access to the following features:

  • Text message history including SMS messages sent and received by the device
  • Activities and messages on popular social media platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Snapchat 
  • Complete call log of the device in question
  • Photos and videos stored on the device
  • Browser and search history including even whatever is deleted 
  • Location tracking

A stealth camera can be used to remotely take pictures of the surroundings without alerting the user of the device

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In addition to all of these qualities it also offers a high standard of secrecy.  This application is nearly impossible to detect on any phone on which it is installed. Its price is also very competitive.

It has an extremely user-friendly interface. And the customer support department is very prompt. This has resulted in good word of mouth about the app. Especially amongst parents and employers around the world.